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I meant to use a Swivl device to record today’s video. But when I tried to use it in my office on Saturday, neither the swivelling base nor the infrared device would switch on.

So I resorted to using my iPhone and blu tack to record the video. I edited the clips and uploaded the video to YouTube with the iMovie app.

I am video recording my CeL office as a keepsake. It was like my second home for four years.

Visitors often comment on a couple of things on my office walls and I explain why I have one in particular. That item is the spiral of photos collected over ten years to remind me of my mission in life.

The video is a bit longer than the ones I usually make. But I hope you gain some insights into the mind of a slightly crazy person.

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As of today, I have set in motion a series of events that requires me to change my plans for a five-parter on Tiny Tech Tips.

The next two videos will be a bit more ambitious but I hope to get them done in a timely manner.

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In the second short video of my CeL-Ed Monday series, I show you how to enable a second layer of security in your iOS device.

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What useful information can you share in a minute or so?

That is the challenge I am setting for myself over the next few weeks in my new short YouTube series, Tiny Tech Tips.

This week I share how all of us can use the Chrome mobile browser to maximize the data plans we pay for.

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What would you do if you found out that someone could activate your webcam and record what you were doing without your knowledge?

If you did not know this could be done, you should read these articles in the BBC, Daily Mail, and the Washington Post.

I present a simple solution to counter this potential problem in my last episode of Happy New Gear.

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More and more people are shooting videos and photos with their smartphones.

Some of those videos induce nausea or are blurry because their cameras are not held steady. Here is one solution for steady shots.

The Joby Grip Tight Mount attaches to a camera tripod so that you can worry about other more important aspects of your instructional photo or flipped learning video.

I was originally looking for the Glif series but they cost a lot more* and were very hard to find locally. In addition, I could only find the phone specific Glif for an older iPhone model.

*The new, adjustable Glif is US$30 while the Joby I featured is SG$24 at Cathay Photo.

Once again, I was not paid or prompted to promote these products or the stores selling them.

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The Google Chromecast is not much larger than a large thumbdrive. While designed for entertainment at home, its portability makes it potentially useful in schools too.

In the third part of my series, Happy New Gear, I provide a brief description and review of the product while also mentioning one possible classroom use.

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