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Fareed is one of four Educational Technologists in CeL. He is cool, calm, and collected.

Fareed will will coolly and calmly present short snippets he has collected on educational technologies that interest him. I trust that they will interest you!

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Yeu Ann takes care of Hump Day.

If Monday is blue, Wednesday must be grey. But I think Yeu Ann will add some colour to a dreary week day.

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Yeu Ann is one of two full-time Multimedia Programmers in CeL.

He is a creative spark, and despite needing a hearing aid (due to a childhood illness), he is not short on interesting things to say.

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I think I will spend this week highlighting the first video in this week’s CeL-Ed series.

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Kartini is one of four Multimedia Designers in CeL and she recently became a mother.

Kartini has a strong sense for visual design and is the social media mistress for CeL. She has had a hand and foot in CeL’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

No prizes for guessing what Kartini will focus on!

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Happy birthday, CeL! We are three years-old today!

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To celebrate, we are throwing a party of sorts. The CeLebs are starting CeL-Ed channels on YouTube!

You can CeL-e-brate with us every work day. We will be posting a new video that has something to do with educational technology Monday through Friday.

We will do this indefinitely. Perhaps when we become better at it or figure out what we need to learn by doing this, we will decide what to do next.

But for now, please watch the videos. I hope that they put a knowing smile or a thoughtful furrow on your face.

If they do, please like the videos, subscribe to us (one subscription for each work day CeL-Ed channel). Do let us know what you think by commenting on the videos.

If you declared that “video is the new text”, how many folks in education would agree with you? I am not sure how many would.

But if you observe how people learn with and from YouTube videos, you have a sense of how video-as-the-new-text is true.

If you create videos of your own and share them online you know this to be true. That is why we a few of us at CeL will be learning to read and write this form of text when we turn three this July.

Here is a sneak preview…

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Just like learning a new language, we are going to stumble, make some mistakes, and look a bit foolish (in my case, a very foolish).

But we are going to learn by trying, not by standing back and watching, or hiding in the shadows and criticizing.

We do not plan on being the next YouTube stars. Sticking with the language analogy, we are not trying to be charismatic orators or great authors. We want to learn a new language so that we can figure out how else to leverage on this powerful medium.

The countdown to our Monday through Friday channels will start next week. Stay tuned to CeL at Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

One reason I maintain this blog is to help me look back and see how or if my thoughts and actions have changed over time.

Recently I looked back at photos in archives I had on my phone and iPad. Once I had put them online I sifted through them to remove what I did not need anymore.

It was then that I rediscovered a concept that I had sketched for one of our apps, mAPT, as well as screenshots of beta versions of the app.

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There was a year between beta testing and app store approval and distribution. There were months of design and development prior to that.

I still consider the app a proof-of-concept as there are still more features I would like to add and usage policies that we must overcome. But it is gratifying to see how far we have travelled.

It is a reminder to me that change does not have to be driven top-down. If you see a need (or can create a new need), you can fill it whether or not the system is ready for the change.

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Unlike the previous appraisals I have carried out for CeL, I found this year’s one to have one enjoyable component.

Yes, there was something actually fun to do (for me, at least)! I asked staff of CeL to use their e-portfolios to showcase their most representative work and to reflect on their growth by comparing what they did before and what they do now.

This meant that they could lead in appraisal process. They could prepare a short presentation, view their peers’ portfolios, evaluate their progress, and get a clearer picture of their own development.

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Looking back, I realize how long I have been setting this up.

CeL will be three years old in July 2013. We started the e-portfolio process almost three years ago as a basic record-keeping process and for mid-term work reviews only. The e-portfolios were somewhat peripheral compared to the forms and interview processes for appraisal. This year they played a more central role.

In theory, we could have incorporated e-portfolios into the appraisal process within a year. But I think that biding our time and moving in tandem with changes around us was a wiser move. The process was less intimidating and felt more natural.

I think we have made great strides in CeL’s version of the appraisals. We have taken ownership of the process and we focused simultaneously on the more human elements and evidence-based artefacts during our appraisals.

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