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I do not know if what I read was an article or a net for catchphrases and buzzwords.

Scanning the piece, I found these:

  • digital solutions
  • digitising administrative processes
  • customised curriculum
  • transformation of the workplace and classroom
  • disruption
  • digitalisation
  • digital transformation
  • collaborative
  • engaging
  • emerging
  • upskilling
  • reskilling

I was surprised that another current and favourite buzzword — unprecedented — was not mentioned.

The “news” piece was supposedly about plans to help corporate trainers adapt to the age of COVID-19. The plans were mentioned but not illustrated. It was concept after concept without any real meaning.

Yes, words matter if they are part of an important plan. But throwing these words and phrases together in a sales pitch disguised as news does us no good. We are not informed or educated. We are not convinced or involved.

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