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I spotted this notice recently.

A better version of what I highlighted might read: Two-way transport, bottled mineral water, and snacks provided. “Sneak” could also have been short for steak, but I doubt that the organisers were willing to splurge.

Notices written in poor English at HDB void decks are more common than you might realise. Perhaps the creator of the notice did not have a good command of the language. Perhaps that person opted to ignore or deactivate the grammar and spelling prompts in the word processing tool.

If you do not know something, technology can fill that gap. It cannot help or make you care.

Do you know enough? If not, do you care enough?


Welcome home, brother! by vynsane, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  vynsane 

STEM, STEAM, coding, maker spaces. If you are an educator, you should be well acquainted with these buzz words.

There is nothing like a good story to make these real. The YouTube video embedded below is a wonderful example of making and coding with LEGO so that kids with physical disabilities have modular artificial limbs.

Video source

All making and coding needs context. If they do not, they will be as empty as current deliver-and-test curricula. So what better context than creating artificial limbs for kids that they can co-design and actually enjoy?

In showing care in context, such projects might also create sustainability. Such limbs must literally grow with the kids, and for some, might grow on them. A few might be inspired enough to also make and code.

So by all means promote coding and making, but do not lose sight of context. That context does not just provide opportunity for authentic problem finding and solving, it might also show care for others and sustain coding and making for the long run.

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