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I first came across the use of “disruptive bullshittery” in this piece by Audrey Watters. This was part of her “criticism of education technologies in almost all their forms and functions” because they are “beholden to the ideologies of machines, efficiencies, and capitalism”.

Watters might seem like a prophet in the desert warning us of doom, but she does her research so we should take her seriously.

I see disruptive bullshittery from a slightly different perspective.

When I hear a leader claim to embrace change but not model it, I call that disruptive bullshittery.

When I read about a policymaker promising change while not ensuring that such change is enacted, I call that disruptive bullshittery.

When I see edtech vendors saying they “do different” but actually just “do the same thing differently”, I call that disruptive bullshittery.

The thing about BS is that there is no end to it. It sticks to people so that they get used to it despite how bad it smells.

This is why we need what Howard Rheingold called crap detection. I call it as I smell it.

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