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I discovered an unexpected source of ideas for flipped learning. It is a video of a teacher trolling his students after he banned them from flipping bottles.

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At first glance, the teacher might come across as the embodiment of “do as I say, but not as I do”. After all, he did not want his students flipping bottles and did so himself.

Viewed through the lens of YouTube entertainment, the teacher was not only a master troll, he was also aware of memes and what connected with his learners. Even the groan-worthy references were gems.

Viewed through the lens of education, the video was a good example of practice, creative endeavour, and content creation.

The practice of bottle flipping required not just elbow grease, but also experimentation to determine the right amount of water. I have no doubt that there was much failure footage left out of the final video.

The teacher kept flipping bottles just like teachers might try flipping their classrooms. However, routine with both gets old quickly. Since the flipped classroom is still largely reliant on the teacher as driver, the teacher must design and lead interesting journeys. The teacher provided creative variations and levelled up the difficulty of bottle flipping. The same could be said about flipping classrooms.

The most important idea is that of having the agency to create content. This is one principle that distinguishes the flipped classroom from flipping learning. Learners must be empowered to create content so that they make their thinking visible, are teaching their peers, and acting on the feedback they receive. Only then does the flipped classroom transform to one that embraces flipped learning.

Bonus: This viral video also illustrated one strategy for creating videos for flipped learning. Every learner should show only what is critical. They do not need to create epic movies. They should be creating trailers that leave their peers wanting more.

Photo credit: Zaki Jalil (@zakijalil).

My elective on Managing Change With ICT ended yesterday. As I have written before why this is always a bittersweet moment, I will not dwell on that.

This batch of teachers surprised me with some non-alcoholic wine and a message on the bottle. It was a play on a quote I shared with them:

Leadership/Change is not about asking for permission first. It is about asking for forgiveness later.

This was my tweet shortly after the class. This was their feedback and final reflection exercise.

It was not just a celebration of an end, but a new beginning. We toasted each other to mark the end of the elective and the start of my participants’ journeys with new mindsets.

You have these insights into my learners and their learning simply because I am using open and social platforms. I celebrate the fact that I have these tools to share.

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