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Mention Harvard and several things might come to mind: Ivy League, crème de la crème, high fees, and more.

But how about Bohemian Rhapsody? Here is Queen performing it.

Video source

Even The Muppets have their take on this iconic piece.

Video source

But so does THUD — The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers.

Video source

The video above is their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody with plastic pipes.

Some might wonder how this justifies the high cost of going to Harvard. If they do, they are missing the point. This is part of their education and the type that actually matters. It is the application of creative thought. It is cooperation where the sum is more than the combination of its parts, i.e., true collaboration.

If you do not get that, you need an education. Perhaps not at Harvard. These YouTube videos are a good start.

I process most things from an educator’s perspective. So when this talented artiste performed Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody 42 ways, I thought about teaching.

Video source

Are we one-trick ponies? Or can we switch strategies and use different tools when the context and learning need dictate?

Teaching is not as glamorous or flashy as the video performance, but we can still learn from it. The video is a result of much practice, application of creativity, correcting mistakes, and persisting when there is resistance.

What are we doing to build up our teaching repertoires?

This is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Video source

I enjoyed this retake by the Muppets.

Video source

Then I learnt from the BBC that this month marked the song’s 40th anniversary.

Video source

Instead of dwelling on how the song has endurance (it does) and how they do not make songs like this anymore (they cannot), I embed the three reinterpretations of the song and suggest what this might have to do with educational technology.

Video source

Video source

Video source

Reinterpreting is not simply translating content with old strategies with new tools. It means that that same content and using strategies that leverage on the strengths of the tool.

The one song was reinterpreted to strings, a choir, and dance. They remain true to the core, but they are distinctly strings, a choir, and dance. Likewise a lesson is not transformed by the integration of technology is not a good use of that technology.

Two different versions of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I love them both!


It’s like teaching a “tired” topic. If you make it your own, you can play the same tune but sing a very different song.

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