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Video source 

Video source 

The easy thing to do with videos like these is to show them to students who complain about going to school and telling them how grateful they should be.

The more difficult thing to do is to draw out meaningful questions, generate discussion, and educate our students on empathy and action. 

A popular hashtag on Instagram seems to be #tbt, which is short for throwback Thursdays. People share old photos of themselves and tag them #tbt or #tbthursday.

This was me more than 40 years ago at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The photo brings back memories — this one was being terrified — but they tend to be faded just like the photo.

The same thing does not seem to happen to a blog though.

One of the nice things about having an edublog is finding out what people are learning from it.

Once a day I check to see what entries people are accessing. Every day I find a nugget that someone else or a group of people decided was useful.

For example, a few days ago I rediscovered something I wrote in 2014, Should tweets be graded? Someone had Googled it and I had forgotten I had even written it.

Occasionally a group decides that an entry is thought-provoking and it will spike my WordPress statistics. This happened recently with a 2013 entry, Security-minded?

This reminded me why I blog fleeting thoughts every day:

  1. I blog to remember because my mind is designed to forget
  2. One of the best ways to learn is to reflect
  3. My blog is a living portfolio
  4. What is old to me is new to someone else
  5. What I share now might help someone else later
  6. I can see how my thoughts have changed, if at all
  7. I learn from my younger self, when I was pushed to think about an issue

Occasionally, someone reads what I write and asks me to do a talk or workshop, or to provide consulting services. So blogging also opens doors.

But that is not the main reason why I blog. The blasts from the past remind me that I want to open up my mind critically to new things and hope others do the same to theirs.

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