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Every now and then I say, “Ah, serendipity!” because I discover something that is relevant to my learning and teaching.

A resource that was delivered to me almost a month ago was the preview list of journal articles from the British Journal of Educational Technology.

I like BJET because it has thematic releases. The March series focuses on technology for inclusive and special needs education.

The content is wide-ranging and might be slightly beyond the reach of one group of leaners I meet every year. However, I find these two articles to be particularly relevant:

The rest of the articles are listed here.

Ooh, here are some interesting-sounding articles I hope to read in the latest issue of BJET (Volume 43, Number 2, 1 March 2012).

  • Avoiding technology-enhanced non-learning
  • Use of Twitter for formative evaluation: Reflections on trainer and trainees’ experiences
  • How to do things with videogames
  • Playing with purpose
  • Making serious games better
  • Supporting social awareness in collaborative e-learning

Click to see all the nominees!

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