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…is the same word every year: Better.

Make the year better by making the place and people around me better. Be a better father, husband, educator, learner, etc. Become better by learning constantly and never being satisfied.

That is why I do not opt for “change” or “different” as my words. I seek not to change for its own sake, nor to be different (which could be better of worse).

Better is better.

This is something quote-worthy for parents and teachers alike.

To leave a better planet for our kids, we need to leave better kids for our planet..

This is a variation of a Googleable quote on the Internet.

What might be less easy to find is the wonderful photo shared under Creative Commons. I found it with the help of ImageCodr.

When I read this article titled How Technology Is Changing the Way People Learn, I walked away with two thoughts.

First, technology may be changing the way we learn, but that does not mean it has changed the way we measure success or failure to learn.

We can now learn from multiple sources in multiple ways along multiple timelines. However, whether someone supposedly learns something is still judged very narrowly by conventional tests.

Second, the conclusion was a pithy quote from Clive Thompson: How should you respond when you get powerful new tools for finding answers? Think of harder questions. As quickly as I nodded my head, I shook it.

We should be thinking of better questions, not just harder ones. A better question might be harder, but difficulty is not the only criterion for better. A question that is authentic, meaningful, or engaging is better, but not necessarily harder.

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