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When I say “basic literacy” now, I am not referring to being able to read. I am thinking about the ability to create.

Creating short content, e.g., in the form of tweets, requires both traditional literacy and the basic literacy of now. Take the tweet below for example. The creator of the tweet received numerous reminders from commenters how to copy and paste.

Once an item is in a device’s clipboard, there is no need to copy it again. Copying the same thing again is an unnecessary step and a boomer mistake.

But the next tweet was more on point.

It indirectly pointed out the need for better visual design. The specific concept to apply was contrast.

There is no point teaching kids content and skills they will not use. It is just as harmful to not teach them content and skills they will need.

There is no need to look into the crystal ball for what content and skills might be relevant in ten years. One just needs examples of what is important now.

It is time for a curmudgeonly rant.

Some schools and parents here seem to have forgotten to teach kids the basis. I am not referring to the three Rs.

What happened to speaking in hushed tones when in a shared or public space?

We already live in cramped environments in Singapore. This alone is a good reason for not talking loudly during conversations over a meal or when packed on public transport. A lack of volume control reveals a lack of self-awareness and is inconsiderate to others who do not want to be audience to your conversations.

What happened to taking care of personal property?

People routinely leave their bags and computing devices in fast food joints or coffee places. The onus is not on others to look after your stuff; it is yours to care enough to leave someone behind or to take your things with you.

There is a reason why they are called valuables ‚ÄĒ someone had to work hard to make the money so that you have that personal property. Be grateful, not careless.

What happened to taking care of shared property?

There is no learning if kids know how to return food trays in school but do not consistently do this at a mall eatery. There is no care if you use a toilet properly at home but somehow lose your aim and decency in a public restroom.

And yes, this rant is fresh. I am drafting this at a Starbucks while surrounded by people who talk loudly and who have left a handbag and two computers at their tables. There is no toilet at this establishment, but there is one a stone’s throw away. Someone decided to pee in a sink.

Maybe I should create an option in my education consultancy called Human Decency 101. But here is the sad news: If you need it, it is probably too late.


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