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The original intent of YouTube was true to the Web 2.0 ideal: Allow users to share online content that they had created. Somehow YouTube did not foresee how users would put copyrighted material online and thus breach the law.

However, a company called Autitude might have come up with a way to make just about everyone happy. Here’s a snippet from the Yahoo! report:

Auditude technology automatically identifies user-posted segments of shows, then weaves in advertising for copyright owners and tells viewers whose program they are watching.

Instead of copyright holders chasing down television shows video posted on MySpace pages and then demanding clips be removed in accordance with US law, they can let Internet users be delivery channels complete with advertising.

Copyright holders get advertising money and links back to them and users get to share without breaking the law or fear getting sued. Convenient, no?

Convenient but it is early days yet.

This is a perfect example of how technology develops so fast that laws cannot catch up, and when they do, something else comes along to alleviate or exacerbate the problem.

I like how this technology will allow users to remix, create, and share content. But from an educator’s point of view, this technology might take personal responsibility out of the equation. As of right now, if you want to use someone else’s work, the onus is on you to seek their permission. In the future, you might not need to because the original creators or authors are compensated somehow. But if these parties feel threatened by someone else manipulating their work, they might not choose to share their work in the first place. And that would take the “2” or “too” out of Web 2.0.


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