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By now everyone and their grandmother has had something to say about Crazy Rich Asians. The FBE video below is one set of perspectives.

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Others far wiser and more articulate than me have offered different perspectives and nuance. One such example is the Public Radio International article, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is a big win for Asian American representation in Hollywood — but what about Singaporean representation?

Yes, it is a mouthful for a title. But, more importantly, it is a mindful. It addresses imbalanced representation, colonial thinking, playing the minority card, alternate narratives, and more. It does not attempt to oversimplify and attempts to provide nuance in a relatively short article.

There is something that most articles I have bothered to read have not addressed. What “Asian” is varies depending on where you are. British actor, Riz Ahmed put it best when he distinguished what “Asian” was in the USA versus what “Asian” was in the UK.

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Asians are not just those from east Asia. If an Asian is anyone from the continent of Asia, then a Russian, Saudi Arabian, Indian, Laotian, or Singaporean is also Asian. Reducing “Asian” to just one thing because you do not embrace nuance is the root of narrow-mindedness.

Crazy Rich Asians is one small slice of a very large pie (sorry, there is no representative Asian substitute dish). Unbridled and untempered, this popular culture phenomenon might feed more stereotypes than break them down.

All that said, educators might leverage on the show’s popularity to create teaching moments. The thing is — are people prepared to learn?

Later today I share my thoughts on e-learning and m-learning at Educon Asia’s 6th Higher Education Summit. I will also be part of a panel on MOOCs.

I share my Google Slides openly here under CC licence.

As is my modus operandi, I will be using TodaysMeet as a backchannel. This time round, I use an updated version of TodaysMeet and look forward to the administrative login and moderation features.

I tackle the issues of so-called “best” practices, bad practices, designing for change, operating outside the course box, and promoting social m-learning. That is a lot of content and that is why my tongue-in-cheek title for my talk is my 2+3 cents worth on designing effective e and m-learning.

I may have to leave one or two illustrations out to keep to the 30 minutes allocated to me. I may need to leave out flipping learning and not just the classroom as an example of designing for change instead of designing for the status quo.

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