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I still hear people in schools and education institutes declare that learners can learn “any time, anywhere (on campus), with any device”. This might be part of a plan to “personalise” learning.

My simple response to this is that their “any” plan is only as good as their reach and robustness of their wifi.

I cannot claim to have visited every school and campus here, but I have been to several.

The institutes of higher learning (IHLs) somehow manage to mostly blanket their large campuses with wireless access.

Most of the schools I have been to, on the other hand, have spotty wifi. This is despite the fact that schools here have set up additional and alternative networks to cater to what seems like an exponential increase in devices.

I still have to bring my own connection (BYOC) when I step through school gates. Even when I do, I worry when the meeting or workshop venue is below street level or at the school periphery. The wifi typically falls short.

Even the 3G/4G signals are weak here. When my telco’s signal is weak, I cannot tether my phone to my laptop. So even BYOC does not permit the “any” plan.

When I am invited to sell, reinforce, or extend the “any” plan, the message falls short because my audience and participants know that the plan is only as good as their wifi.

It is 2018 — get with the plan already!

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Two days ago I mentioned how I could work just about anywhere by remote control. When I mix work with play and personal with professional, I can work almost any time.

But while various technologies help me work from any part of the world, I cannot work any time all the time because I operate in a time zone.

Just being in Wellington, NZ, which was five hours ahead of Singapore, meant that a reasonable 8.30am kiwi meeting actually required me to be wide awake even though my body was operating at 3.30am.

I had to give my weekly #edsg chat at miss because it was 8.00pm in Singapore and my body clock was adjusting to NZ time (1.00am).

The weak link or rate determining step is human.

I think that is a principle that applies in organizing an event, communication in all contexts, and designing and implementing instructional interventions.

If something goes wrong, it is more likely human than technical. The sooner we admit to this or realize this, the better the technology will seem to work for us!

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