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There are some videos that you watch on YouTube and there are others that are on Vimeo. Those in Vimeo tend to be in a class of their own.

A good example is this animation about two robots mining gems.

Video source

There is not a word uttered in the video, but the message is clear: Cooperation is constructive; competition can be destructive.

The same could apply in the context of schooling. There will be times when competition is important or even necessary, e.g., competitive sports, fund-raising, friendly rivalries.

But there are times when it is counterproductive, e.g., teachers not sharing resources or students not helping each other in order to stay ahead.

Unlike in the video, the impact of negative forms of competition are not always and immediately obvious. They fester and rot, and as they normalise, we say it is just part of our culture or defend it by saying there is nothing wrong with competition.

Competition is not always a good thing. If you cannot see that, then you need to let these two robots remind you why.

If you have never heard of Marty Cooper then watch the animations he created below in the YouTube video, Aug(De)Mented Reality.

Video source

He caught the eye of MythBuster, Adam Savage, and was invited to provide some insights into his process.

Video source

In this video, Cooper revealed that every time he did these animations he was not sure they would work. Savage added that this feeling would never go away even with experience. He went even further by suggesting: “If it does go away, I actually submit that you are doing something wrong!”

If you live on or near the edge, you realize how wise those words are. Those are words to live by and there is no place I would rather be.

It would probably be hard to find someone online who has not heard of the Gangnam Style viral video.

Video source

It would also not be hard to find folks who are tired of it already, especially with so many spoofs and parodies of it.

But this latest flip animation of GS pays homage to it with sheer effort!

Video source

The creator of the video opted to remove the soundtrack for fear of copyright infringement.

The multitude of GS spoofs and parodies are evidence that Psy would not come after them for copyright. I think he understands the reuse, remix, and redistribute culture of the medium.

But his music label company might not feel the same way. They are entrenched in the numbers game and old school practices. They are not likely to see how being more open will actually bring more opportunities.

There is a parallel in education. Progressive educators see the need for openness and sharing; schools and universities want to maintain the status  quo. Only one group is going with the tide and providing what learners need and want.

Video source

I like animated movies. While the trailer for Live Music isn’t mind-blowing, I like it just based on how it was conceptualised and produced. For more information about this short movie and how it was created, visit I think that it’s the primer of how work in the future will get done.

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