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I updated my mobile devices to iOS 15 and one of the upgrades is mobile Safari web extensions. 

Extensions have been available for desktops browsers for a while and these allow me to customise how my Chrome and Safari browsers function. I could not wait for the same to happen for mobile Safari.

I immediately installed Adblock Pro because I hate unwanted ads, unnecessary pop-ups, and sneaky tracking.

Taking control of my web browsing experience is like learning how to fly and operating by sound rules. Everyone should learn how to do this, but not many bother because they think this is difficult. It is not. It is easy as toggling switches on or off.

I share my referral code (3DEB32) should any reader or blog wanderer wish to do the same.

After reading this TechCrunch article on why the advertising industry needs to embrace AdBlock, I wondered what might happen if students had TeachBlock.

I am not referring to students switching off during a boring lecture or tuning into something else during a lesson. This is obvious to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of what some call body language.

Neither am I referring to end of course student feedback on teaching that, rightly or wrongly, is so poor that the instructor never teaches that course again.

In both those cases, the instructor cannot get past TeachBlock similar to the way online ads cannot get past AdBlock. I imagine TeachBlock working a few ways.

  • Blacklisted teaching behaviours are automatically blocked from users because they are harmful or not helpful.
  • Learners have the option of blocking some behaviours and allowing others through.
  • Only the best strategies survive not because this is a popularity contest, but because they are effective.

Just as AdBlock sends a clear message to advertisers that they need to consider the needs and expectations of their audiences more, TeachBlock lets teachers know what is effective and what is not.

Video source

This entertaining and informative video explains why we might or might not want to block online advertisements.

I think we should, but only because this will push advertisers to raise their game and to do things more ethically.

This is similar to why I try to block outdated teaching practices. I want to push teachers to raise their game and to teach so that kids learn to think better.


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