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There is so much to learn from the gem of a person who is Jane Goodall.

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There are many gems in this short video. One that stood out for me was her flipping of the adage to “think globally but act locally”.

The wisdom of the original saying might be to think systemically when solving more immediate problems. Goodall’s stance, however, was to think locally and act globally.

To think locally is to consider one’s context (e.g., the effect of climate change here at the equator instead of in the arctic) but to take action that leads to a broader good (i.e., reversing the effects of runaway climate change).

Applied to an educator, this might be a call to learn how to be a better practitioner in one’s context and to share those lessons openly and widely. Thousands already do that on edublogs and Twitter.

We think locally and act globally. We should model these processes for our learners and teach them how to do the same.

I reviewed the tweets that I had collected as “favourites” over the last few years and found this:

Damned if you do or damned if you don’t? Which are you guilty of?

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