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I LOL’d when I read how a journalist described 3D printing as a 21st century skill (paragraph 6).

I will put this bluntly: Many technology uses in classrooms are not meaningful. Certainly not as meaningful as the ones in life.

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Consider this 3D printing of an artificial hand for example. It is hard to beat that for meaningful.

How did this happen?

I would attribute this to innovative thinking, open sharing, and learning by doing. These are a few of the same principles if we are to integrate (not just use) technology to enable (not just enhance) learning.

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NFC is short for near field communication. Some folks think it is the near future of electronic payment.

But here is a concept video for how NFC might influence video.

I just can’t let go of surface computing…

NewScientist has an article on how LEGO-like blocks might be used to bring a third dimension to touch or surface computing. The checkers example was pointless, but the photo editing application was actually useful!

The only problem I see with physical blocks is that the surface computer must be table-like. The concept doesn’t apply to surface computers that hang like pictures or are inclined like some desks.

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