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Shortly after I shared my 10’CMT keynote on SlideShare, the editorial team there selected it as a featured presentation and tweeted it to their followers.

As a result of this publicity, there was a huge jump in views, from 30 views with no publicity on my part, to 900+ views thanks to SlideShare’s notification.

It is tempting to be flattered by the canned email message, tweet, and surge in views. If I was a marketer, advertiser, policymaker, or bean-counting administrator, I would advocate that approach and trumpet the news.

But doing that only scratches the surface and tells an incomplete story.

Views are just page hits. I would guess that an international audience did not understand the 10’CMT context and topic and did not go beyond a few slides. Did they learn anything? Not likely.

Instead, I am encouraged by the feedback I received in person and via Twitter (two examples below) on the immediate impact of the keynote.

I put the presentation there only after the keynote was over to archive it and to add a drop to the bucket of shared information.

I do this because I have noticed how presentation files of courses I no longer facilitate still get hundreds and even thousands of views by people all over the world. These are not featured presentations but a sought after by people who want to learn something.

In examining the analytics that SlideShare offers, I can also track who embeds or uses my presentations. In the case of my 10’CMT presentation, I see that those that liked it probably did so for its design or aesthetics.

The cynic in me would point out that I played the system by designing slides that suited the look and feel of featured SlideShares.

The educator in me says that I have provided more than one lesson with one presentation. Other than my SOFA points, I have practised some design concepts and pointed out the merits of quality over quantity in the quest to learn.


A week ago, I did the keynote address for 10’CMT. I am archiving the same slides in SlideShare.

The SlideShare version lacks the interactivity of the Google Presentation. It also does not have the temporary #10cmt Twitter feed of the Google Sites version (embedded feed works with Safari, Firefox, and non-dev versions of Chrome).

None have the storytelling components because I did not audio record myself. That is not necessarily a bad thing!

I have a rough “transcript” that I might add to the SlideShare version for those that like that sort of thing. But I do not think that is necessary yet. I hope some of the slides speak for themselves.

I am delivering a keynote address for the 10’CMT event later this afternoon. Here is some background on 10’CMT.

As is my practice, I am openly sharing my presentation at

I am also opening up my presentation to feedback and critique by embedding it within a Google Site with a Twitter widget ( The hashtag is #10cmt.

I am taking a risk with the Twitter backchannel because I do not know how many folks will be on Twitter and acculturated to the practice of ‘live’ tweeting.

Oh well, you don’t know until you try…

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