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Research & Publications

Research from Teaching

I am interested in the technical, social and pedagogical affordances of educational Web 2.0. In particular, I examine how technology-mediated pedagogies change to suit the learners, technology, environment, etc.

I actively use wikis, blogs, Twitter, online mind maps, the Google Apps suite, Facebook, Prezi, SlideShare, etc. I have also dabbled with VoiceThread, podcasting, screencasting and sketchcasting, amongst other things.

When I was the Head of the Centre for e-Learning (CeL), my agenda was to promote learning that is social, open and mobile.

On the side, I am interested in video game-based learning, mobile learning, surface computing… just about anything related to educational technology!

The research team project which I was part of was Pre-Service Teachers in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment: One-to-One Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).


Here is a short list of my more recent publications:

Papers and Book Chapters

  • Divaharan, S., Wong, P., & Tan, A. (2017). NIE Learning Space: Physical and Virtual Learning Environment. In Tan, O.S., Liu, W.C., Low, E.L. (Eds.), Teacher Education in the 21st Century: Singapore’s Evolution and Innovation (pp. 253-265). Singapore: Springer.
  • Tan, A. (2011). Why write with wikis?. In Ho, C.M.L., Anderson, K.T., & Leong, A.P. (Eds.), Transforming Literacies and Language: Multimodality and Literacy in the New Media Age (pp. 207-222). London: Continuum.
  • Chen, W., Lim, C., & Tan, A. (2011). From many-to-one to one-to-many: The evolution of ubiquitous computing in education. Educational Technology, 51(1), 21-25.
  • Tan, A. (2010). Wikis. In Chai, C.S., & Wang, Q. (Eds.), ICT for Self-directed and Meaningful Learning (pp. 249-261). Singapore: Pearson.
  • Chen, W.L., Lim, C., & Tan, A. (2010). Pre-service teachers’ ICT experiences and competencies: New generation of teachers in digital age. In Proceedings of International Conference on Computers in Education 2010 (pp. -). KL: Asia- Pacific Society of Computers in Education.
  • The ICT Experiences and Attitudes of Pre-service Teachers in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment: A Case Study


Magazine Articles



My capacity to conduct and publish research took a hit when I was appointed Head of the Centre for e-Learning in July 2010.

While I have not written and published like a traditional academic, I have contributed to the pools of knowledge in my field by blogging and tweeting daily, presenting at local and overseas conferences, and delivering keynotes.

While at NIE, my work as an appointment holder and administrator honed my skills in writing concept papers, strategic planning documents, and implementation reports. I continue this work as a consultant with representatives of educational institutions who value praxis over rhetoric.

3 Responses to "Research & Publications"

This Karma Chewang from Paro College of Education. Currently going through your wiki.Waw, its a vast collection.


Karma, nice to hear from you again. It’s almost three years when we met in Bhutan. I see that you have an Aussie email address. You’re at the University of New England now?


Yes, I am in Australia.I will be here till the end of 2015. Nice to meet you on the web.


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