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I am maintaining this page to illustrate how one might maintain an e-portfolio outside the confines of imposed structure and a “learning” “management” “system”.

Why all the quotation marks? LMS pretend to be about learning; they are designed at best for teaching and at worst for controlling content. Just because you claim to be teaching does not mean your audience is learning. LMS are rarely synonymous with active and meaningful learning, e.g., collaborating, creating, and critiquing.

I also believe that portfolios should be as loosely structured as possible or not at all. External structure does not encourage ownership of the portfolio. I think that the best portfolios stem from buy-in and intrinsic motivation.

My first official portfolio was the one I had to create near the end of my Ph.D. programme in 2006. It was something portfolio experts might label a showcase and assessment portfolio.

But on reflection, I realize that I have been maintaining a portfolio for much of my working life. I have maintained my own Web site since 1995 and have now expanded my digital shadow to include artefacts at this blog (I have three others), DiigoFacebook, Flicker, Instagram, Picasa, Prezi, Slideshare, Twitter, VoiceThread and YouTube… to name a few! I maintain several wikis, the three I am most proud of are my ICT, EdPsych II, and flipped learning wikis.

Collectively, these are what Steve Wheeler might call the PWT with which I create a PLE in order to learn from my PLN. Collectively, they are my developmental portfolio.



[Placeholder for teaching component: trainee feedback on teaching, presentation files, videos of ICT and EP2 classes, learning plans, sample artefacts, reflections] [GESL wiki, practicum wiki]

For the last few years, I facilitated an inservice teacher course, MLS125: Planning, Articulating, Leading and Sustaining Change with ICT with Edmodo as the main social platform. In January 2014, I started offering a new course MLS126: Flipped Classrooms for Middle Managers in Schools with Google Sites as the shared platform.



Click on this link to learn more.



In my eight years as an academic faculty member, I have provided service in areas like redesigning curriculum, coordinating departmental professional development, leading the Media eXperientiaL Studio, evaluating grant proposals in committees, and representing my institute for local and foreign visits.

The external service that I learnt the most from and am proudest of was doing volunteer work in Paro, Bhutan. My reflections around and about that experience.

I am a founding member of the #edsg online community in Twitter. For more information about this group, visit the #edsg wiki.

I am also part of the TEDxSingapore Brain Trust.

I provide more information on my paid consultations and pro bono service at this page.

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