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If you are not able to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook, please use the form below.

Please type your email address carefully. If it is not correct, I cannot contact you.


If this is about work…

Before you contact me, make sure that you have read what I wrote in my Consultancy page.

Before you think of asking me to do something for free, to “pick my brain”, or to help you because the exposure will be good for me, watch this video.

Video source

Before you think I am going to bite your head off like the guy in the video, I am not. But I am not likely to work for free. I work for a fee because, like you, I have a family to support, mortage, loans, and bills to pay, and a human life to live.

I am worth it because I will go above and beyond what we negotiate. The first step is having a conversation, one professional with another. Contact me.

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