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This blog houses the ravings and rantings of Dr Ashley Tan.

In 2002, I was awarded the Overseas Graduate Scholarship by the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, to pursue a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

I returned to NIE in 2006 as a faculty member and teacher educator. Up until 30 June 2014, I was the Head of the Centre for e-Learning (CeL).

Before all this, I was a military instructor, classroom teacher, and distance educator. In 2019, I marked my 30th year an an educator.

Head, Centre for e-Learning

On 31 July 2014, I left the National Institute of Education, Singapore to be an education consultant and facilitator of professional development on technology-enabled learning and systemic change.

I like doing presentations that create enough cognitive dissonance to spur action, but I am in my element when I conduct pedagogical workshops that tease mindsets and challenge belief systems.

I am a founding member of the #edsg online community in Twitter and a member of the TEDxSingapore Brain Trust.

I participate actively in a few research and funding review committees. I am not just an educator, I am also a watchdog.

For more information on what I used to do, what I currently do, and how I might add value to what you do, please visit my Consultancy & Service page.

Short Biography

I am often asked to provide a biography for promotional materials or notifications, so I have prepared a general biography that that my collaborators can use.

When circumstances dictate, I provide more specific biographies based on the context of work, e.g., a biography that focuses on my flipped learning background and efforts when I am involved in conducting seminars or facilitating workshops on flipping.


I do not blog for views. I blog my views.

Most of the thoughts I leave in this blog are not fully formed. I do this to learn and to shape my thoughts on educational technologies and technology-mediated pedagogies.

I am an edu-explorer. I promise to walk on the edge of reason and let you know what I see.

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23 Responses to "About Me"

I love your site. Keep it up !


Hi, i’m blog walking. and found yours.. so nice


Thanks for visiting.

I visited your blog too. Unfortunately, I do not understand Bahasa Indonesia. šŸ˜›


great blog – as a vrigin blogger i foudn it inspiring !


Hello Claire and welcome to the blogosphere. I hope that you get the learn and share much in this wonderful place.

Blogging does take some commitment and a fair bit of work. I trust that you will find a way that suits you!

Liked by 1 person

Hi, nice to meet you !


Nice to sorta, kinda meet you too.


Hi Ashley

Congratulations on being shortlisted for Best elearning / Corporate Education Edublog 2010! It’s great to see a fellow Singaporean shortlisted. I’ll continue to follow your blog – all the best!


Thank you and I hope to read any comments you may have!


Looking forward to your curation


I’ve sent the invitation. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


You should change your Twitter handle to @AshleyTan, I had a hard time finding you with just @ashley. Look forward to your posts!


Nice try with the bait. I’m not biting.


[…] secara intuitif saja tanpa menyimak kemungkinan penggunaannya lebih jauh. Google mendatangkan Ashley Tan: dosen dan peneliti pada National Institute of Education Singapur dengan presentasinya : ā€œSharing […]


Dear Dr Ashley Tan,

On behalf of the National Library Board (NLB), we would like to invite you to pledge your blog to the Singapore Memory Project as part of efforts to collect memories that are already manifested in existing online channels.

The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is a national initiative to collect, preserve and provide access to Singaporeā€™s knowledge materials. Spearheaded by NLB, the SMP aims to build a national collection of content in diverse formats (including print, audio and video), to preserve them in digital form, and make them available for discovery and research.

By pledging your blog to SMP, you are affirming that every memory matters. Whether your posts are an account of your daily life, or an expression of your thoughts, the SMP hopes to find a home for your memories so that it can help build towards an understanding of Singapore. You will also receive a badge that you can display on your blog in recognition of your contributions.

Contributors to this blog pledging initiative will be listed on Singapore Memory portalā€™s blog pledging webpage. All blogs pledged to SMP will archived using NLBā€™s web harvesting software, in addition to images of each blogā€™s landing page.

If you are keen to pledge your blog to SMP, simply fill up our response form at this following URL:

You may find out more about this initiative at

We are looking forward to your contribution.Do also let your fellow bloggers know about this initiative. They can pledge via the URL above.

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Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic but it has
pretty much the same page layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!


Amazing! Your comment looks like spam bait. I have removed the URL you tried leading visitors to.

For any who are curious or do not know, WordPress offers many designs. It is not unusual for one blog to look like another.

It is like one apartment looking like another in terms of layout. But you fill it with content and make it your own. Then it looks like no other.


Do you mind changing your twitter username to @ashleytan or something so I can use @ashley? Also it should help there find your blog faster!


Dear Dr Tan Ashley, I recommended your blog to one of the assistant managers at NIE LIBRIS (Punggol bus-mate) over a year ago. I met him recently and he told me he enjoyed reading your blog. He is a thinker like you, former MOE teacher (secondary) with degree in IT. Thanks for sharing your observations and thoughts.


Thanks for recommending my blog. I hope that he and you also produce content to help others!


[…] Ashley Tan’s video above shows a signal of the video as part 2 of a series of videos. This primes me to […]


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