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"Zoom fatigue" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Diane_Krauthamer   I recently tweeted a Stanford press release about a research publication on Zoom fatigue. Stanford: 4 causes for 'Zoom fatigue' Original Stanford release: #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) February 27, 2021 The Stanford study suggested four reasons why video conferencing tire us out and offered remedies. […]

STOP overusing Zoom. You're just taking a classroom technique and shoving it on a screen. Zoom is synchronous, almost all learning is asynchronous… — Donald Clark (@DonaldClark) January 20, 2021 Zoom fatigue might be real, but the term is a misnomer. What might actually contribute more to teacher and student fatigue is poor pedagogy. […]

The last year has seen the rise of Zoom for teaching and learning. It has also seen proponents of faceless Zoom. Faceless Zoom is allowing students to not have their cameras on. A teacher might do this is to respect the privacy of his/her students.  Zoom captures what happens in the students’ backgrounds. Since some […]

Want a tiresome argument based on superficial evidence? Consider this headline and article. The linked article reported:  Eric Yuan… the founder of the video conferencing tool, admitted to experiencing Zoom fatigue. At Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit, the 51-year-old said that at his peak, he once had 19 Zoom meetings in a row in […]

If you are a teacher who had to conduct remote teaching during lockdown, you might relate to the song featured in the video below. Video source I have the same reaction to those who confuse and conflate distance education and online learning with remote teaching. There are overlaps, but they are not the same things. […]

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