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Most technology companies that manufacture computers and phones typically focus on hardware and have little or no say on software development. There are exceptions like Apple that create and control both, i.e., Macs and macOS, iPhones and iOS. Google used to only be in the online software business. Then it partnered hardware companies to create […]

“White elephant” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  Peter_Mackey    I tweeted this while away at a conference earlier this week. If you get duped by a "smart" board vendor, you deserve to lose $. But your students don't deserve teachers who still just stand & talk. — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) April 18, 2016 I did this because I […]

In Steve Wheeler’s recent blog entry about interactive white boards (IWBs), he mentioned: There are those who use the IWB avidly, incorporating it into their lessons, embedding it into their programmes of study and exploiting the potential of the onboard tools. There are others who avoid the use of the IWB studiously, and even some […]


Twitter is sometimes described as a stream of consciousness. I wondered if streams of unconsciousness might exist. They do and I was upset when I saw one. It was like watching an unconscious loved one slip further into a coma. One stream of unconsciousness looked like this. It was an unbroken string of tweeted ads. […]

I am dead set against so-called “interactive” white boards (IWBs). The “interactivity” is defined by vendors whose notion of school is pre-Internet, before social media, and sans self-publishing. Any effort on their part to make things visually interactive or clickable is superficial at best. IWBs possess an insidious pedagogy that reinforces outdated teaching behaviours, e.g., […]


There is an unfounded fear that technology will replace teachers. I emphasize “will replace” as the pointless fear because the process has already begun. I do not mean replacements like the examples STonline gave recently as the “future” of education. STonline view of ed in 2065: IWBs, digi-natives, robots, flipped instruction? (Gag!) #edsg […]

I am recreating some of my favourite image quotes I created some time ago. This time I use Pablo by Buffer and indicate attribution and CC license. This quote addresses at least two things: 1) Change for its own sake, and 2) what it means to be truly innovative. Doing things differently — like using […]

About three years ago, I gave a speech in which I described how technology tools have changed but how some of our pedagogy has remained stagnant. I showed how we remain stuck at the show-and-tell method of teaching and schooling despite advancing technologically [slide]. When our ancestors learnt to draw on cave walls, they were […]

I wanted to explain my rather cryptic tweet about “edu” vendors. To "edu" vendors: There are ideas that sell & ideas that make a real difference. There are even fewer that do both. #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) April 16, 2015 But the more I reflected and wrote, the more I was reminded what […]


I am in a unique position to be able to critique teachers and educators in their efforts to use or integrate technology. Before I left the mainstream school system as a teacher 17 years ago, one of my primary roles was conducting professional development on ICT for my colleagues. While I was a teacher, I […]

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