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  by  Images by John ‘K’  Some folks do stocktaking near the end of each year and clear their shelves, storerooms, or workspaces. I do the same for my list of Google Sites, Google Docs, and Evernote artefacts. In reviewing my Evernote entries, I found a year-old note on a discussion that I had with a visiting […]

If the results of this study are valid, then new teachers are not as prepared as they should be if they depend on teacher education textbooks. Well established principles from the Science of Learning are not finding their way into popular preservice teacher training books @doctorwhy #aps18sf — Daniel Ansari (@NumCog) May 26, 2018 […]

Video source Humour me. Pretend that you watched this video about the Student Learning Space (SLS) without knowing that it was about the SLS. What makes it stand out from just about any other online schooling platform? I do not ask the question sarcastically, but critically. My question comes from a place of earnestness and […]

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Local social media lit up last week after a performer from Henry Park Primary School showed the middle finger on national TV. Henry Park pupil who made rude gesture at #NDP2017 'deeply apologetic', has been counselled — The Straits Times (@STcom) August 10, 2017 The aftermath was no different. As expected, the boy […]

   by  juanpg    Yesterday I reflected on why Twitter was an ideal component of an educator’s PLN. Today I ponder on why some teachers do not want or even like Twitter. There are several reasons why teachers stay away from Twitter and lose out on valuable unPD as a result. I focus on three. One, […]

by marsmet546 #edsg in Twitter is used by a few groups of people. Singapore’s Ministry of Education has an official voice there, as do lay folks who occasionally say something about education. Of late, several teens retweeted the official announcement of the release of O-level examination results. A TV programme also leveraged on #edsg to […]


  by  theboyds  Recently I read this interview at the Chronicle, Could Many Universities Follow Borders Bookstores Into Oblivion? I was nodding in agreement. To simplify and summarize the interview, universities were in danger of losing their relevance if they did not realize that they were based largely on: the one-size-fits-all model one-time/place-learn-all practice the delivery of long, drawn […]


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