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Video source I’ll admit it. The title of this episode did not appeal to me from the get go. Why use artificial intelligence (AI) to figure out of there are other forms of intelligent life in the galaxy? Here is my bias: I would rather see the power of AI developed more for enabling better […]

How might artificial intelligence (AI) prevent us from destroying ourselves? The seventh episode of this YouTube Original series provided some insights on how AI could help prevent animal extinction, famine, and war. Video source Take the battle against ivory poachers. Trap cameras take photos of anything that moves. They capture images of elephants, a host […]

Here is a phrase uttered and written so much that it has practically become a trope: Beware, robots will take our jobs. Video source Technology-enabled automation has always taken away old jobs, e.g., we do not need phone operators to manually connect us. But people conveniently forget how automation also creates new jobs, e.g., maintainers […]

Video source This episode of the YouTube Original series on artificial intelligence (AI) was way out there. It focused on how AI might help us live on another planet. What follows are my notes on the episode. If NASA’s plan to send humans to Mars by 2033 is to happen, various forms of AI need […]

Video source Can artificial intelligence (AI) emote or create art? Perhaps the question is unfair. After all, some people we know might have trouble expressing their emotions or making basic shapes. So it makes sense to see what something fuzzy like emotions might consist of. The components include the meaning of words, memory of events, […]

Video source This episode focused on how we might use artificial intelligence (AI) to augment ourselves to end human disability. The first example in the video was artificial legs with embedded AI. The AI used machine learning to process a person’s movement to make the continuous and tiny adjustments that we take for granted. What […]

Video source The second episode of the YouTube Original series on artificial intelligence (AI) focused on how it might compensate for human disease or conditions . 
One example was how speech recognition, live transcription, and machine learning helped a hearing-impaired scientist communicate. The AI was trained to recognise voice and transcribe his words on his […]

Video source Would you take anything about artificial intelligence seriously if it was delivered by Robert Downey Jr (aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man)? Well, he is the host a scripted eight-part documentary series, so the authenticity and accuracy of the content is subject to whoever curated and connected the most current information. The series […]

Video source The video above is actually about how programmers get artificial intelligence (AI) to learn. It provides insights on human teaching and learning. The methods range from reinforced learning of models to novelty or incentive-based learning. Reinforcement learning is relatively easy and limited by the models that humans provide AI. This also  results in […]

I have been using web-based email applications exclusively for the last seven years as an education consultant. I did not have a choice as I no longer had access to corporate or exchange-based email like MS Outlook. But I recently moved back to a dedicated email application, Mail on macOS Monterey, because it promised greater […]


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