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I just can’t let go of surface computing… NewScientist has an article on how LEGO-like blocks might be used to bring a third dimension to touch or surface computing. The checkers example was pointless, but the photo editing application was actually useful! The only problem I see with physical blocks is that the surface computer […]

What would I learn without RSS? Very little! RSS is one of my personal PD (professional development) tools and with it I learn or get something reinforced every day! One blog I follow is Chris Dawson’s. He recently asked how important is 1:1 to literacy? He doesn’t have all the answers (no one does), but […]

I do not actively go out looking for surface computing news. The information comes to me! The latest is from Gizmodo about groups from Germany and the US teaming up to create physical controls for multitouch surface computing. Original source: Don’t miss the video there of objects like the keyboard, knob, and slider in […]

Will someone please marry BumpTop and a low-cost surface computing surface already? Hey, we might do just that at the MxL!

Video source It’s been a while since I have heard anything worthwhile about Microsoft’s Surface. A project for kids at the Smithsonian resurfaces Surface. Surface computing was something we used to showcase at the MxL (I think it was almost two years ago!) but it almost seems long in the tooth when you consider the […]

  by  djwtwo  I call a spade a spade. This is not because I anal retentive (I am) or suffering from prematurely curmudgeonliness (I might be), but because I bother to find out what words mean. When I read a perspective on Microsoft’s surface computing device, I agreed with the sentiment that “we march backwards into the future”. […]

Research from Teaching I am interested in the technical, social and pedagogical affordances of educational Web 2.0. In particular, I examine how technology-mediated pedagogies change to suit the learners, technology, environment, etc. I actively use wikis, blogs, Twitter, online mind maps, the Google Apps suite, Facebook, Prezi, SlideShare, etc. I have also dabbled with VoiceThread, […]

Video source I no longer dabble with multitouch/surface computing, but I continue to admire the efforts of those who do! Ideum’s video showcases a fair bit of exploratory work. But I can see the surface computer used to greater effect for collaborative learning!

Ooh, a demo of surface computing using the Touch Pack. Video source The screen had an LED array, much like the prototype that we have at the MxL. Sadly, we do not have the support or momentum to develop it further.

From Gizmodo: Windows 7 Touch Pack Multitouch Apps Let You Fondle the Globe or Play Death Pong. We need to create a Windows 7 partition in the MxL’s surface computing prototype and try these apps out!

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