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Trolls say things online to feed their egos and lure emotional responses. If you respond, it will enable the cycle and likely escalate. If you do not, it looks as if the troll wins. I do not often get trolled, but when I do, I remind myself what to do and not do.     […]


I did not think I would be writing a third reflection in as many days on the Sabah earthquake [first reflection] [second reflection]. But I need to respond to a troll in the only way I know how: With reason and in a longer form than a tweet. This was the someone’s response to my […]

It started with a tweet from @hsiao_yun. Hey @RoughGuides I SERIOUSLY doubt this pic shows Singapore, unless someone shifted us much further N of equator. — CHAN Hsiao-yun 曾曉韻 (@hsiao_yun) August 25, 2015 I weighed in with this: Why did we tweet? The original photo was supposed to feature Singapore, but the two men […]

I was prompted to draft some thoughts on designing backchannel activities by @ryantracey who interviewed me for an eLearning Magazine article in April. I have used an assortment of tools or social media platforms for backchannelling during lectures or talks: Facebook, Edmodo, Twitter, Padlet, TodaysMeet, GoSoapBox, and Pigeonhole. Whatever the tool, the purpose of the backchannel […]

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