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This week there were a few online rumblings on being “future ready” in education. These are barks woofing up the wrong tree. Sorry Google event organizer, you're claiming the impossible. You cannot be future-ready. #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) June 29, 2015 .@yainping @schoolleadersg We need to be more critical about the rhetoric […]

  by  macbiff    The shortage of N95 masks during the current haze reminded me about the difference between being prepared vs being ready. CeL purchased these masks several months before the haze not because we projected how bad the haze would be. We were reacting to a disease outbreak in the office at that time. Back […]

More trials before switch to electronic marking of exam scripts — The Straits Times (@STcom) October 1, 2018 I would like to critique this move fairly, but I cannot as the rest of the article is behind a paywall. However, the SEAB has a track record of siding with caution. It moves so […]

Last week, this MindShift article suggested that educators not get caught up with the current narrative in most schooling systems. The narratives that currently play out include systems that do not promote creativity and innovation, rudderless and unsustainable change, and administrative initiatives that do not necessary focus on learners. The article suggested creating a new […]

Several weeks ago, I was asked to deliver a 15-minute keynote at an informal event. The event was so informal that an organizer forgot to ask me to speak. I did not get to share some important ideas at that occasion even though I had put a lot of thought and effort into providing a […]

  by  ronWLS    Any forward-thinking organization will want to know if it is future-ready. If it does, I think it is putting its eggs in the wrong basket. To be ready for the future is to imply that you have thought of every contingency and are ready for whatever comes. The only thing certain about the […]

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