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As I mull over designing a possible Pedagogy of Questions workshop, I rediscovered from quotes I collected. RT @zspencer: If you seek to indoctrinate, provide the answers. If you seek to educate, provide questions.” — Pascal Venier PhD (@pascalvenier) June 2, 2013 From Lord Alexander: We learn more by looking for the answer to a […]

I was taught a lot as an undergraduate majoring in biology. Not all of it was true.   "Close Study" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by reutC   One thing that a lecturer taught me was this factoid: Human DNA is almost 99% identical to chimpanzee. That has stuck with me because it was so jarring. The lesson then was […]

If you were to conduct a mid-grain analysis of classroom discourse, chances are that there would be relatively few question-driven exchanges from the teacher and students. Teachers have been taught to rely on the pedagogy of answers instead of the pedagogy of questions. "In the future, asking the right questions will become more valuable than […]


I have said this before and I will say it again: Questions drive learning, not answers. I am not saying that you do not learn after you get a question satisfactorily answered. However, what pulls a learner in to seek answers in the first place are questions. Video source Do not just take it from […]

Video source If someone asked you a question like “What would you take to a deserted island?” you could provide an assortment of answers, just like the people did in the video above. You could also react in a few ways. The first way is refusing to answer. The second is providing an answer with […]

In brainstorming the Pedagogy of Questions [1] [2], it was tempting to consider the oft used 5W1H approach.      by  rodaniel    The 5W1H approach is short for who, what, where, when, why, and how. When I get the chance at workshops, I like to introduce the approach as the five wives and one husband […]

Here are some results of the survey I posted online. They have helped me shape the proposal to YouTube/Google. Almost three quarters of the surveyees opted for the workshop to be held on Fridays, 4-7pm. I have incorporated the time into the proposal. The same proportion preferred a buffet approach to a fixed menu of […]

I am planning on offering free workshops for Singapore educators on Fridays in February 2015. If all goes to according to plan, the workshops will be sponsored by and hosted at Google, Singapore. Depending on demand and funding, there might be anywhere between one to three sessions. I am planning for 15-20 educators to attend […]

Yesterday I shared four pedagogical considerations for backchannelling. Today I suggest a framework, strategies, and tips on backchannelling. Caveat: Like yesterday, the content I share today is a draft of ideas swirling about in my head. I shared this framework at a few conference talks when urging educators to leverage on social media-based learning. Most […]

I was prompted to draft some thoughts on designing backchannel activities by @ryantracey who interviewed me for an eLearning Magazine article in April. I have used an assortment of tools or social media platforms for backchannelling during lectures or talks: Facebook, Edmodo, Twitter, Padlet, TodaysMeet, GoSoapBox, and Pigeonhole. Whatever the tool, the purpose of the backchannel […]

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