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I read this tweet with interest. I share my observations and offer a call for positive change. What is new? The masks. What is normal? The lecture. What is better? Nothing. We do not need to return to normal. We need to do better.

Better edubloggers than me have reminded us why schools should not return to normal post-pandemic. Still blogging: A Year Away From Normal And, as @willrich45 eloquently explains, we need to avoid taking schools back there, because normal “wasn’t that great to begin with”. — Tim Stahmer (@timstahmer) March 16, 2021 Anxiety over Pandemic Learning […]

Not a day goes by when I hear or read about someone wishing that things got back to normal. That is not just wishful thinking, it is also harmful. We cannot return to the way things were because we cannot travel back in time. We can only move forward. I have a favourite saying about […]


I have reflected on how we should not return to “normal” post COVID-19. Others have expressed the same thoughts in different and better ways than me. Earlier this month, Lisa Lane introduced a recent reflection like this: I hear people say things like “when things go back to normal” or “after the pandemic” or just […]

"transfer" (CC BY 2.0) by mikecohen1872   The transfer of teaching strategies between physical and online classrooms does not seem to be balanced. When forced to conduct emergency remote teaching, most teachers transferred strategies they were already familiar with, e.g., teacher talk and proctored exams. While such a response is understandable — the runway was short and the […]

"NORMAL" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by dpwk   During the COVID-19 lockdown, people seemed to ask: When are things going to return to normal? I, for one, do not want things to return to normal if normal means: still being selfish and inconsiderate. being wasteful of time and resources. forgetting how even emergency remote teaching might improve classroom practice. […]


Do these statements create dissonance? Schooling is not education. Gamification is not game-based learning. Flipping your classroom does not guarantee flipped learning. The choice to consume different resources is not the same as personalised learning. Teaching objectives do not guarantee learning outcomes. Enhancing lessons with technology is not the same as enabling learning with technology. […]

While at a university campus recently, I decided to get lunch from a canteen food stall that I had not visited in about two years. The tenants were no longer there, but there was a replacement. I decided to try their fish and chips. That is all I got: Some overcooked breaded fish and a […]

Like some educators, I have been facilitating lessons exclusively online for the last two years because of the current pandemic. Unlike my fellows, I have experience during my graduate student years and the last seven consulting years of teaching online.  One classroom practice is getting a sense of one’s students. The collective persona they possess […]

Anyone who might have red my reflection about edutainment might think I dislike fact-based shows. Not true. Video source  I like QI. I like it even more that I have insights into their people and processes thanks to the video above. I would normally use such a video to emphasise the importance of “processes behind […]

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