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Like the majority of Singaporeans, I am physically myopic (short-sighted). I cannot see clearly beyond my arm without the help of corrective lenses.      by  haglundc    Some people can barely predict what they will do next week, so how are they going to see the future of education? I ask this in all seriousness […]

  by  haglundc  A colleague shared an article, The Myopia of Farsightedness, with an email distribution list. The premise of the article: “The irony of the ‘suffer now, be happy later’ philosophy is that the happy future never arrives”. The content of the article is easy to agree with if the prescriptions are applied to individuals. I […]

I have never been comfortable answering the “What is the future of…?” question. I have reflected on how myopic we are. Video source John Green described our collective myopia more eloquently. He cited Philip Roth’s “relentless unforeseen” when describing our technological crystal ball gazing: One never sees the future coming… We don’t know how it’s going to […]

Today I highlight two videos that provide insights into current issues. Video source The first is about what some workers are worried about — robots taking over their jobs. This is an issue made real by what people can already see happening around them. It seems to be a relatively immediate threat, so policymakers and […]

I read an opinion piece about how we have stumbled on our journey to go cashless. We are still penalised when we do electronic payments of cinema tickets, cab rides, automatically topping up your travel card by GIRO or credit card, etc. These things that an ordinary resident here does. On the flip side, we […]

There is a saying that goes something like this: Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of past. This is a variation of that theme by English poet, Steve Turner. This is like being myopic and refusing to wear corrective lenses even though you have the means. Doing this […]

This is a continuation of a rant I started yesterday against an STonline article. I can almost understand why parents would want to attend a forum on factors that influence early childhood cognition. It is hard for any informed parent to believe what they read in the press and they would rather visit the stable […]

I’ve borrowed that phrase from this tweet: @ashley @hychan_edu I can't help but to say "Oo, you've got to be kidding." — Kwan Tuck Soon (@tucksoon) May 25, 2011 My reply to that tweet was it was doubly wry because I interpret the “Oo” to be a reference to a local journalist’s surname and “kidding” […]

[image source, used under CC licence] Karl Kapp collected some quotes from Time Magazine’s History of Television to illustrate mindsets during the evolution of TV. There is a natural progression of fierce resistance to acceptance to how-could-we-ever-live-without-it. Kapp calls this the love-hate curve. The same could be said about social media today, except that we […]

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