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I had shared how to enable four or five finger multitouch gestures on the iPad. This does not require a jailbreak and it makes for more efficient and intuitive navigation. But when I upgraded the device to iOS 4.3.3, I noticed that this developer’s feature disappeared from my iPad settings. The multitouch gestures also stopped […]

Video source Think multitouch with your fingers on the iPad is impressive? See what can happen when you combine touch and pen input! If you want one, Instructables offers a tutorial on how to build your own multitouch computer (sans pen). Sigh! And to think that we had a multitouch prototype at the MxL that […]

Video source I no longer dabble with multitouch/surface computing, but I continue to admire the efforts of those who do! Ideum’s video showcases a fair bit of exploratory work. But I can see the surface computer used to greater effect for collaborative learning!

Video source I no longer have the resources, support or energy to develop our multitouch surface prototype at the MxL. But I am glad that others like 10/Gui are developing solutions for what is the not-too-distant future of human-computer interaction. Don’t believe me? Check out what companies like HP and Sony are up to in […]

Video source It was only a matter of time for someone to come up with a proper multitouch game.

Ooh, a demo of surface computing using the Touch Pack. Video source The screen had an LED array, much like the prototype that we have at the MxL. Sadly, we do not have the support or momentum to develop it further.

From Gizmodo: Windows 7 Touch Pack Multitouch Apps Let You Fondle the Globe or Play Death Pong. We need to create a Windows 7 partition in the MxL’s surface computing prototype and try these apps out!

One of the things we demonstrated at the MxL again this semester was our prototype multitouch surface. Our aim is to collaborate with schools and other partners to create low-cost versions of these devices for schools. Here is another proof of concept of the low-cost model by Maximum PC. The video is a tad long […]

I caught the latest James Bond installment, Quantum of Solace, over the weekend. Lo and behold, the folks at the fictitious MI6 used a multitouch surface. Someone was kind enough to make a screencap off the movie trailer (see above). This is a reversal-of-sorts of a trend. It used to be that movies, particularly sci-fi […]

If you had any doubt that multitouch is the next big thing, here is one more drop in the tsunami bucket that is headed our way. Multitouch is likely to be part of the next Windows OS according to several reports. Take this one for example. But here is one Microsoft guy who has developed […]

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