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The end of the teaching semester comes early for me. While most of my colleagues are just starting theirs, I facilitated the last MLS125 class for the year [open Edmodo feed]. Hey, I started while my colleagues were on vacation, so it is only fair that I end while they have to teach! But that […]

   by  mrjorgen    I felt a little empty yesterday. If I was still facilitating, I would have started another round of MLS125 (Planning, Articulating, Leading, and Sustaining Change with ICT) yesterday at NIE. If I had, it would have been the eighth semester doing this. Then I reminded myself that I am doing the same, […]

   by  See-ming Lee 李思明 SML    Yesterday I shared a trinity of ideas that stemmed from conversations I had with stakeholders. Today I share something that has guided my thoughts and shaped how I operate over the last decade. Information Technology or IT tends to be one-dimensional. It is often one way and standards-based, but […]

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Video source I received feedback online and in person that I made CeL version of the “Happy” video sad at the end. In true Singaporean fashion, my response was: Sad, meh? It was designed to be poignant. After all, I was ending my CeL Monday video series after almost a year of experimenting with it. […]

  by  andymangold    Regular readers of my thoughts on this blog (yes, the one or two of you) might find this entry unusual. I would like to link death with leadership. It might have been Neil Gaiman who said: Life is a disease: Sexually transmitted, and invariably fatal. I watched the movie Gravity recently and Sandra […]

Many thanks to Niko for sharing this time-lapse of one of my MLS125 classes in action. This is a three-hour class condensed into 20 seconds! Video source I have annotated the video in YouTube to label the phases of activity. You may not see the labels if you are using a mobile device. I am […]

I prefer using Edmodo and Google Sites to current learning management systems because the former are free, open, and flexible. I like how Edmodo was (and still is) built on the premise that people learn by being able to socialize. When there is not enough time in class, you can continue online outside class. Better […]

I have to deal with change on a daily basis. By change I do not mean the coins in my pocket but trying to make a difference by making things different. I have to plan and implement change so much on a systemic basis that sometimes I forget about change on a personal one. I […]


In the MLS125 course that I facilitate in Edmodo, we explore WHAT it takes to be a change agent and HOW to go about bringing change with ICT. What we do not focus on is what inspires change agents to keep going. For one thing, change agents understand WHY. Those that do not fully understand […]

Something funny happened in my MLS125 class last week. The group that was facilitating the topic of articulating change with ICT presented a Wordle to illustrate the dominant words used in survey they conducted of the class. This is what it looked like. When I asked why “pants” was such a dominant word, I was […]

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