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the LMS makes it VERY hard to ungrade.the devil is in the details, and here are the evil ways in which Canvas prevents me from ungrading…because the LMS thinks it understands my students and their work better than I do: labels: — Laura Gibbs (@OnlineCrsLady) December 1, 2020 This tweet reminded me […]


One of the reading methods I adopted from my days as a graduate student and then an academic were to read the synopsis, introduction, and conclusion of an article first. I practice this particularly with opinion pieces in the press. I modify the method by examining who wrote the article and I try to unpack […]

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Every now and then I revisit my growing list of thoughts on LMS. At best, LMS are necessary evils. They house announcements that can automatically be disseminated to students in a variety of ways. This is convenient and effective from an administrative point of view. Whether students actually act on the announcements is separate matter. […]


As if I needed more reasons to dislike how LMS are implemented…   "Idiot starts with a J 🙂" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by hentismith   The new semester started three weeks ago and I am already grading student work. This would be standard fare for me if not for two things that happened this year. I discovered that […]

"not" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by chrisinplymouth   I would rather use any platform other than an institutional LMS. Over the years, I have reflected on why. Most recently I mentioned a paradigm shift in edtech. But here are some simple and pragmatic reasons why I prefer to operate outside an LMS. Reliability: Platforms likes Google Sites have near-perfect […]

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Let’s not kid ourselves — learning management systems (LMS) are not designed for student-centred learning. This is how LMS are typically procured by educational institutions: Administrative and IT staff first attend technology roadshows or the vendor area of conferences. Then the LMS vendors court these staff over meetings at their respective offices. Rarely, if ever, […]

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It is not often that I have ponder whether or not to use an organisation’s learning management system (LMS). Whether or not the organisation “requires” it or “advises” its use, I normally do not. I reflected a while ago that LMS past and present are rarely ever about learning, management, or systems. If I do […]


"rose" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by aling_   A rose is rose is a rose. It is what it is. Likewise an LMS is an LMS is an LMS. It is where progressive pedagogy goes to die and it does not smell as nice. You can rename an LMS all you want, it will still suffer from the same […]

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Last week I mentioned how I was “reading” an audio book for the first time using the OverDrive app. I downloaded the free app on my iPad initially and later on my iPhone. Here are some thoughts so far about using the app. The good thing about the app and the library service is that […]

I opted not to speak at an unconference yesterday that focused on learning management systems (LMS). Despite a few reasonable people who reflect on their practice and follow the research on technology-mediated pedagogy, most other people see LMS as a staple. If I had attended the event, I would have spoken not to the choir […]



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