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"258/365: Pheasant?" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by davidmulder61   Here is another example of why propagators of “learning styles” do schooling and education a disservice. An NBC correspondent highlighted a quote from a WaPo article: President Trump doesn’t read his daily intelligence briefings, gets oral briefings on “select” issues instead, because reading isn’t “his style of learning,” the @washingtonpost […]

Since some people would rather watch a video bite than read articles, I share SciShow’s Hank Green’s 2.5 minute critique of “learning styles”. Video source From a review of research, Green highlighted how: the only study that seemed to support learning styles was severely flawed students with perceptions that they had one style over others […]

Here is an interesting article from The Chronicle: Matching Teaching Style to Learning Style May Not Help Students. The recommendation of the study is: for instructors… [to] not waste any time or energy trying to determine the composition of learning styles in their classrooms… Instead, teachers should worry about matching their instruction to the content […]

RSS feeds delivered these useful resources. I am putting them online as I also use my blog as idea cloud that I can revisit. Online teaching tips Do students cheat more in online classes? Maybe not. Student “learning styles” theory is bunk

Does anyone learn anything from school-sanctioned e-learning days? Do the kids learn? Do the teachers? Do the administrators? As an e-learning practitioner and director before, I had enough data, knowledge, and authority to say the answers to those questions was no. I have even described many e-learning events as more e-doing than actual e-learning. Now […]

Here are two videos that bust myths. The first one is about falsehoods that people believe about or practice on animals. Video source The second video is about human animals called “millennials”. Video source Both videos do a great job of presenting concise information about evidence against myths. These might go a long way in […]

If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing. – Anatole France #quote #WednesdayWisdom — Tim Fargo (@tim_fargo) January 10, 2018 Most people would read the tweet above and agree. But first they must agree on the premise that the foolish thing is foolish in the first place. If […]

This is Part 2 of my smell something-say something rant on an op piece on the upcoming Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS). In Part 1, I critiqued how the article: made vague reference to unnamed “observers” perpetuated the rhetoric of engagement over empowerment stated that students “will be learning what is expected of them” In […]

If you see or smell something, say something. This applies to an abandoned parcel in a public space as much as a fishy opinion piece in a local newspaper. The article was about the upcoming Student Learning Space (SLS) and had this byline: A new e-learning portal to be introduced next year promises to make […]

"Horge" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by MaffersToys   John Hattie’s work on effect sizes and analysis of meta analyses is widely known in most education circles. His recommendations on what makes for effective teaching are probably in many instructor preparation programmes and policy documents. One of his best known works is his book, Visible Learning. The Cult of Hattie: […]

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