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Slideshare source I tweeted this SlideShare last week. It is a resource that lives up to its name: 21 inspiring quotes and thoughts on mobile learning. Quite a few people retweeted and favourited it. I enjoyed slide 12. What Geoff Stead called “stolen moments” I have labelled “interstitial time” [1] [2]. Both are moments of relatively […]

  by  Ciccio Pizzettaro  I think I first learnt what “interstitial” meant when I was a Biology student in university. There are many contexts of the use of interstitial if the entries in Wikipedia are anything to go by. But most point at the time or space between significant events or objects. So if you imagine a student walking […]

In February, I shared this resource on Twitter: 3 Untapped Social Media Resources Worth A Second Look #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) February 21, 2017 Even though there were good ideas there about educators leveraging on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, the tweet not a complete endorsement. Here are some considerations to prevent […]

“3” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by  KtKatrina    I processed over 50 statements from the SSI Enables poll and am responding to those that had clear questions. I started by responding to backchannel questions in part 1, and questions on work culture and worker-learner mindset in part 2. This is part 3 on MANAGING WORKPLACE LEARNING. How do you […]

In the first part of my followup of my keynote on Friday, I process SSI Enables 2016 by the numbers and respond to backchannel questions.   “1” (CC BY 2.0) by  Moe_    I was told that there were about 120 in-house participants and about 40 from external agencies. As I use the URL shortener, I was able […]

I do not travel by taxi very often, but when I do my trips often lead to interesting conversations.   "Arriving downtown Singapore" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by  TimoOK    On one such trip the cabbie heard a radio ad for another station that claimed to offer content for expatriates from countries like Japan, Germany, and Bangladesh. Intrigued he […]

Greenbot led with an article about the fifteen things we seem to have forgotten to do because we now have smartphones. 15 things you’ve forgotten how to do thanks to your smartphone — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) March 11, 2015 How about fifteen things we can do or do better? I contrast their cannots […]

This is a continuation of the design advice I started offering yesterday on the design of e-learning and teaching resources. The five main points were: Send consistent messages. Do not send mixed signals. Give learners a compelling reason to consume your resources. Do not assume the user wants to consume them. Give your learners choices. […]

I thought that last week’s #edchat had a particularly impressive list of questions. Folks at #edsg attempted the topic on Twitter strategies to get the most out of PLNs. It is a shame that we did not discuss the other questions. Maybe I will reflect on the rest of the questions this week. One of […]

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I am back from my family vacation to Melbourne, Australia. Some quick snapshots at this Posterous link. Like most holidays, I now need a break from my break! Quick shoots, edits & uploads of my Melbourne holiday shots at — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) December 10, 2011 It was a pleasant getaway even though work […]


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