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[image source, used under CC licence] I have mixed thoughts on this article, Insidious pedagogy: How course management systems impact teaching by Lisa Lane. The article is based on the premise that course management systems (CMS) like Blackboard have an inherent pedagogy, which is limited to traditional forms of teaching, and this in turn impacts […]

I am dead set against so-called “interactive” white boards (IWBs). The “interactivity” is defined by vendors whose notion of school is pre-Internet, before social media, and sans self-publishing. Any effort on their part to make things visually interactive or clickable is superficial at best. IWBs possess an insidious pedagogy that reinforces outdated teaching behaviours, e.g., […]


I opted not to speak at an unconference yesterday that focused on learning management systems (LMS). Despite a few reasonable people who reflect on their practice and follow the research on technology-mediated pedagogy, most other people see LMS as a staple. If I had attended the event, I would have spoken not to the choir […]


by TheGiantVermin Those old enough to remember what fingernails raking a blackboard sounds like might cringe at the recollection. To be honest, I cringed a little when I met with the folks from Blackboard (BB) twice last month. To be fair, I feel that way about LMS in general and not just BB in particular. […]

"rose" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by aling_   A rose is rose is a rose. It is what it is. Likewise an LMS is an LMS is an LMS. It is where progressive pedagogy goes to die and it does not smell as nice. You can rename an LMS all you want, it will still suffer from the same […]

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Piloting the use of virtual reality in social studies education in Singapore schools #edsg — Kwan Tuck Soon (@tucksoon) May 23, 2017 After reading a press release and two articles about five Singapore schools experimenting with virtual reality (VR) excursions, I had one question: Remember the mistakes people made with Second Life? This IMDA […]

This tweet from author John Green highlights one major problem with university textbooks. Textbook prices have increased 207% in the last 20 years–even though production, printing, binding, and shipping have all become cheaper. — John Green (@johngreen) October 30, 2016 Like the prices of the other good and services, the cost of book production […]

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