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If there ever was a concise and precise critique of most forms of homework, this tweet is it: Why do teachers assign homework? “Because the students need practice.” OK – then what are the hallmarks of effective practice? Feedback, coaching, differentiation. Does that EVER happen with homework?#leadupchat — Douglas Reeves (@DouglasReeves) September 1, 2018 […]


I love this… if kids have to do homework (and this can be debated) we might as well make it fun! — Dr. Zachary Walker (@lastbackpack) July 27, 2018 I get it. The notice above is about incentivising homework. Now you get it. The actual doing of homework may not be fun. It might […]

"Homework" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Andrea Guate   This is a sort of oldie but goodie, 14 Hilarious Homework Excuses from students. 14 Hilarious Homework Excuses (what excuses do teachers have for unnecessary #homework?) #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) April 19, 2017 I asked a question in my tweet and I suggest some answers. Warning: […]


What happened when one school banned #homework and asked kids to read and play instead #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) March 1, 2017 I tweeted this yesterday. The link led to an interesting article about how one school principal got the teachers in his school to rethink homework. The principal based his […]

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I listened to a podcast on “flipped homework” yesterday. What my ears heard almost made my eyes roll. Almost, because I tried to take the perspectives of those trying to promote that idea.   “Fifty Four|Three Sixty Five” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  thestevenalan    The podcaster and his interviewee did not go beyond a general definition of flipped […]

What do you do when something that seems so ordinary is questioned? What if a practice that has gone unchallenged has evidence stacked up against it? Most side with the status quo because it is the safe bet. However, doing this might not be the best bet. Distilled from 180 studies: Homework doesn't help at Pri […]


It is no secret that I recently returned from a family vacation to London, UK. We travelled at a slightly unusual time of year to avoid the usual travel crowd at year’s end. I rented an apartment on Airbnb and loved our “home away from home”. Just about everything went according to plan. What I […]


This is the third part of my week-long focused reflection on flipping. Yesterday I explained why changing the medium but not the method in a flipped classroom is not flipping. I used my podcasting experiment in 2007 as an example. That experiment also highlights another potential wrong of flipping: The reinvention of bad homework. As […]

I read this tweet conversation on this week’s #asiaED slow chat with some concern. Click here to see the whole conversation if only the first tweet appears. #Homework seriously needs a #PR makeover to make it something useful & engaging.#asiaED — James Abela (@eslweb) February 23, 2015 The chat focused on the issue of […]

  by  Cayusa    Yesterday I read this ST article, Have at least two homework-free days a week, and shook my head. I did this not in disagreement, but because of what I predict could happen if such an idea was implemented. A member of parliament suggested that MOE require schools to mandate two homework-free days a […]

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