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Several weeks ago, I was asked to conduct a pro bono session on gamification in the workplace. The group had already decided it was going ahead with this idea. I declined because I did not want participants to ignore my warnings about blind gamification. If I did conduct the session, it might have started like […]

Samantha Bee is a comedienne and talkshow host. In the video below, she was interviewed by another talkshow host, Seth Meyers, on various topics. The topic that pricked my ears was Bee’s app for promoting the midterm elections in the USA. Video source After watching the video, I had to ask: Does it take a […]

I love this… if kids have to do homework (and this can be debated) we might as well make it fun! — Dr. Zachary Walker (@lastbackpack) July 27, 2018 I get it. The notice above is about incentivising homework. Now you get it. The actual doing of homework may not be fun. It might […]

“Thumb down” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Blade Dancer   I wonder about articles like this in which “thought leaders” were asked to make predictions about gamification. None tried defining it and distinguishing it from, say, game-based learning or serious gaming. That is a good strategy because when you are asked to gaze into a crystal ball and make […]

"Distill" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by fajimenez1   I have distilled some differences and overlaps in gamification, game-based learning, and serious gaming. I focus on their use and integration in educational contexts. I exclude contexts like industry style performance support, commercial sells, VWO campaigns, etc. I distill factors that govern the three in the table below without elaboration. The […]

"Gamification" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by nicolasnova   This is a continuation of my reflections on a talk on gamification by A/P Tan Wee Hoe (WH). As with my notes yesterday, I share WH’s thoughts in plain text and mine in italics. WH concluded his talk by summing up his main points and mentioning new ones. To the absolute […]

Two days ago, I had the privilege of attending a talk on gamification at SUTD by A/P Tan Wee Hoe. Wee Hoe (WH) was there as a visiting scholar and I was there for a meeting. My host mentioned the talk at the end of our meeting and I was game. Here are some notes I […]

I deliver a keynote this morning and am part of a panel in the afternoon on the broad topics of game-based learning (GBL) and gamification. My keynote is about an hour long, but the messages, cases, and experiences boil down to these points: There are overlaps between GBL and gamification, but there are also distinctions. […]

Imagine this. Badges for tweeting. For adults. Now imagine no more because here is an example. #EdchatMENA is giving badges tomorrow to its great Community.. Stay tuned #edchat #asiaed @khalidnafil — Bashaer Kilani M.Ed (@bashaierk) January 20, 2016 This models the wrong way to plan a social learning endeavour. It also provides a bad […]

  by  misteraitch    I was prompted to write this as I was part of two recent Twitter conversations that revealed how some teachers still confuse game-based learning (GBL) with gamification. There are several differences and I will just mention two fundamental ones. I am also going to mean video game-based learning when I make reference to […]

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