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Here is an unoriginal thought: You can get into a state of flow no matter what video game you play. My wife, my son, and I play very different games on our phones. My wife likes tile-matching puzzle games — she started with games like Bejeweled and now plays Simon’s Cat Crunch Time. Video source […]

This TED talk is like a trojan horse, but a good kind.   Source It started with the unwarranted fears of “screen time” but was really about authentic game-based learning. The speaker, Sara Dewitt, outlined how games were or could be: A form of embodied learning A possible replacement for standardised testing An opportunity for […]

"Distill" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by fajimenez1   I have distilled some differences and overlaps in gamification, game-based learning, and serious gaming. I focus on their use and integration in educational contexts. I exclude contexts like industry style performance support, commercial sells, VWO campaigns, etc. I distill factors that govern the three in the table below without elaboration. The […]

Teachers want video games that focus on content and vendor-developers try to deliver. They are both barking up the wrong tree. They are trying to do the same thing (deliver content) differently (getting students to play video games). And they are doing this more expensively and laboriously. Video game development takes a long time and […]

"大安公園" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by alberth2   Why do some consultants, designers, and teachers constrain video game-based learning to old or current practices? That was the question I asked myself when I read this article, Gaming in the classroom: what we can learn from Pokémon Go technology. The piece offered what seems to be some good ideas on […]

I deliver a keynote this morning and am part of a panel in the afternoon on the broad topics of game-based learning (GBL) and gamification. My keynote is about an hour long, but the messages, cases, and experiences boil down to these points: There are overlaps between GBL and gamification, but there are also distinctions. […]

First, some context. When I integrate video games in my courses or workshops, I do so not to deliver content but to provide participants with shared experiences from which to generate discussion, critique, and reflection. I can use the same games for topics as diverse as self-directed learning, collaborative learning, mobile learning, video game-based learning, […]

  by  misteraitch    I was prompted to write this as I was part of two recent Twitter conversations that revealed how some teachers still confuse game-based learning (GBL) with gamification. There are several differences and I will just mention two fundamental ones. I am also going to mean video game-based learning when I make reference to […]

Ask the average teacher how s/he implements game-based learning and you might hear a description something like this. The “games”: are not designed by them but by a vendor of an LMS or CMS. are colourful to “attract” or “engage” the learner. might look like the screenshot below. None of these factors make the learner’s experience […]

Mention video game-based learning (vGBL) to someone and look into their eyes. Some eyes will roll, some will glaze over, some will dart about, and some will widen. The eyes that roll or glaze over belong to the skeptics or the uninformed. The eyes that dart about may belong to those who have some idea […]


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