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Sometimes I am consulted by agencies outside my own about adopting “future ready” platforms. While there are many ways to address this issue based on different contexts, I find myself repeating one answer. I tell them to avoid an enterprise learning management system (LMS) like Blackboard. LMS tend to be expensive and their cost will […]

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Video source None of the technology represented above as futuristic was new. They should not be to anyone who reads, listens, or watches consistently. Much of the technology was also embryonic or nascent. They are just as likely to spark hope as they are disappear into the night. The video offered another timely reminder — […]

It’s 2020 — here comes the future — TODAY (@TODAYonline) December 26, 2019 I was ready to blast the premise of the tweet. As I read the article penned an author from a “futures office”, I realised he had already done it for me. After questioning the wisdom of trying to define a […]

This tweet made me pause for thought and to recall what I think about “the future” of schooling and education. The future is nearer than we think. Are we equipping our students to be #FutureReady? #ictlt2016 — Theresa (@3sachu) February 2, 2016 Individuals and collectives that perpetuate the rhetoric of being “future ready” might […]

Tempting to link the future of anything to technological development. That is what most people seem to do because technologies make things faster, better, or are just plain awesome.      by  colinaut    Since my passion and work lie where the fields of education and technology overlap, that might also be why I am often […]

Like the majority of Singaporeans, I am physically myopic (short-sighted). I cannot see clearly beyond my arm without the help of corrective lenses.      by  haglundc    Some people can barely predict what they will do next week, so how are they going to see the future of education? I ask this in all seriousness […]

There is an unfounded fear that technology will replace teachers. I emphasize “will replace” as the pointless fear because the process has already begun. I do not mean replacements like the examples STonline gave recently as the “future” of education. STonline view of ed in 2065: IWBs, digi-natives, robots, flipped instruction? (Gag!) #edsg […]

Ask any well-read person to predict the future of education and they might a) say they have no answer, b) suggest some rough ideas, or c) warn of impending doom. If they do this, they are looking toward the future aimlessly, wishfully, or fearfully. An alternative strategy is to look forward by focusing on what […]

Last week, this MindShift article suggested that educators not get caught up with the current narrative in most schooling systems. The narratives that currently play out include systems that do not promote creativity and innovation, rudderless and unsustainable change, and administrative initiatives that do not necessary focus on learners. The article suggested creating a new […]

Recently I jumped on the Carousell bandwagon to get rid of old electronic items. My experiences so far have been overwhelming and positive. When I sold my old iPad Minis, I was inundated with so many messages that I could not keep up. I put the items up for sale at 11pm one evening and […]


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