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This tweet made me pause for thought and to recall what I think about “the future” of schooling and education. The future is nearer than we think. Are we equipping our students to be #FutureReady? #ictlt2016 — Theresa (@3sachu) February 2, 2016 Individuals and collectives that perpetuate the rhetoric of being “future ready” might […]

This week there were a few online rumblings on being “future ready” in education. These are barks woofing up the wrong tree. Sorry Google event organizer, you're claiming the impossible. You cannot be future-ready. #edsg — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) June 29, 2015 .@yainping @schoolleadersg We need to be more critical about the rhetoric […]

Last week, this MindShift article suggested that educators not get caught up with the current narrative in most schooling systems. The narratives that currently play out include systems that do not promote creativity and innovation, rudderless and unsustainable change, and administrative initiatives that do not necessary focus on learners. The article suggested creating a new […]

  by  ronWLS    Any forward-thinking organization will want to know if it is future-ready. If it does, I think it is putting its eggs in the wrong basket. To be ready for the future is to imply that you have thought of every contingency and are ready for whatever comes. The only thing certain about the […]

If you see or smell something, say something. This applies to an abandoned parcel in a public space as much as a fishy opinion piece in a local newspaper. The article was about the upcoming Student Learning Space (SLS) and had this byline: A new e-learning portal to be introduced next year promises to make […]

Today I draw a link between a newspaper that calls itself Today and schooling. Over the last few weeks, I noticed the Today paper experimenting with different web publishing formats. I had previously been able to read desktop and mobile versions of the same article from Today. Recently, however, some pages seem to only be […]

I have decided to share one way I plan for an event as a consultant. Think of this as planning out loud. Recently I received an email request via my Contact page. This led to a phone conversation for possible consulting gig in six month’s time. I like people who plan in advance. This gives […]

  by  Pete Ashton  This Tuesday’s #edsg topic was “What should be (sic) the curriculum and assessment model be for SG in C21? What’s our ideal model?” It was a particularly juicy topic because I do not think that anyone really knows what the answers are. There are different understandings of what “21st century competencies” are and therefore […]

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Video source I think that most people who watch the the School of One video above would label it a 21st century school. Others might call it a school of the future because they do not see it happening any time soon. But I think that the school of one, where the student is the […]

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