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I discovered an unexpected source of ideas for flipped learning. It is a video of a teacher trolling his students after he banned them from flipping bottles. Video source At first glance, the teacher might come across as the embodiment of “do as I say, but not as I do”. After all, he did not […]

  After I help participants define the flipped classroom and flipped learning, I summarise by saying this: The flipped classroom swaps WHAT happens WHERE. Flipped learning changes WHO does WHAT. That is not to say that the two concepts and practices do not overlap. I also try to illustrate how they do. Nevertheless, I still advise […]

I am often asked what the differences are between the flipped classroom and flipped learning. I have mentioned a few important distinctions in my presentations and reflections. Now I share one more. The design of the flipped classroom is likely to be place-based. Conversations tend to start with “Outside the classroom, I would like students […]

Educators who have flipped their classrooms or moved on to actually flip learning invariably have advice for those new to the journey. I share just three of many I have learnt by practising what I preach.      by  lyzadanger    My first piece of advice is to make it as ordinary possible. If you attempt […]

   by  opensourceway    I facilitated a lively discussion on flipped learning at the gathering organized by ScoreCampus on Monday. Addendum: I shared elements which I summarized in two blog entries Justifying my three dimensions of flipped learning More dimensions of flipped learning Here were two follow up questions (and my answers) that went in the […]

Yesterday I shared the reasons for my three dimensions of flipped learning. I have thought of two more possible dimensions.    by  Dricker94    The fourth dimension of flipped learning could be learner-initiated evaluation. If one of the desired outcomes of flipping is a more independent and self-directed learner, then the ability to assess and evaluate […]

  by  cookbookman17    A participant of my flipped learning course asked me a question in our shared online space. Dr Tan, I want to ask what’s the difference between blended learning and flipped learning. Was googling and found this term. Is blended learning a part of flipped learning? This was my reply. Like flipped learning, blended […]

A few weeks ago, my son decided that he would like to share his thoughts on games by posting videos on YouTube. I would like to think that I have had an influence by getting him involved in the production of CeL-Ed Monday videos. He has even had starring roles in my video series on […]

Earlier this week I tried responding to some questions in Google+ from an educator in Finland about Minecraft. Click on the screencapture below to see a larger version. I realized I did not have all the information and a search provided too much or conflicting information. So I answered what I could and said I […]

Video source This is the fifth and final part of my YouTube series on flipped learning (all parts in a playlist). I offer critiques and advice on flipping. Unlike most other YouTube videos on flipping, I do not attempt to explain all concepts or flesh out practices on flipping the classroom. These are not attempts […]


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