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One teen says that she and her friends are leaving Facebook. Another says that she and all her friends are still on. So are teenagers leaving Facebook? Yesterday, Pew Internet stated that teens are starting to “diversify their social media portfolio” so this means they are not necessarily abandoning their Facebook profiles. It could just […]

The aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandals are online movements like #deletefacebook. As much as I dislike that platform, this is not something that most people will do. For them, Facebook is a necessity for remaining in touch with people socially and professionally. They are not going to #deletefacebook. However, it they do not do […]

"Texting Congress 3" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by afagen   As much as I dislike Facebook (FB) for how it operates and what it stands for, I laugh at the call to #deletefacebook. Not everyone can afford to. Not everyone should. For example, your FB profile might be the simplest way to stay connected with others socially and/or professionally. […]

"4.1.12 Seymour Spring Thaw – Street Stoc" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by royal_broil   Most people I know do not question Facebook. They should, as an issue of: practicality, e.g., reduced phone battery life due to the Facebook app ethics, in terms of how it conducts research, counts video views, propagates fake news, and manipulates its users. privacy, i.e., […]


  by  Sean MacEntee    I read this Gizmodo article recently, It’s Been 365 Days Since My Last “Like”. I have mentioned that I treat Facebook like a passport [1] [2]. More often than not, I find my “friends” using Facebook as a navel-gazing popularity contest. I prefer Twitter as a platform for my personal learning network […]

  by  Sean MacEntee  I have all but abandoned Facebook. I maintain a profile there like I maintain a passport. I need it because everyone seems to have one and it is a form of identification. But I don’t need to look at it every day. I have Twitter for that and perhaps Google+ when I can […]


It is easy for me to ignore messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, and even email. I have not posted on Facebook for years. I refuse to feed it data for its questionable algorithms. I use Facebook like a passport — for the rare occasion I need to prove my identity. My byline in WhatsApp is “I’m […]

I need to be on WhatsApp, I do not want to be on it. This is the message that greets anyone who is interested in visiting my profile there. Likewise, I need to be on Facebook, but I do not want to be. My last post there was actually an automated one from my blog […]

This is the latest addition to my “Getting connected in…” series on overseas prepaid SIMs. In my previous Getting connected in Malaysia, I recommended the prepaid Digi SIM. This week I tried Maxis Hotlink while I was there for a conference. I had done my research online beforehand and targetted the 1GB for RM10 plan […]

I first read about Nikoi Island in a blog. My first question was: Where is Nikoi? It is in the South China Sea and 2.5 hours away from Singapore over a three-leg journey (ferry-car-ferry). I really needed a vacation with my family after an exceptionally taxing semester. Vacations can sometimes be more tiring than restful, […]


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