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To those who only see the positive side of returning to normal schooling post-pandemic I say: Don’t romanticise school.  I reflected on what I wrote a few days ago by focusing on how someone opined that school was a place for teachers to “get to know their students, to put a hand on a shoulder, […]

When I read the tweet below, my mind wandered to a difference between schooling and education. One of the most important decisions we can make as leaders is to shift from a model of making our students fit into our systems to continually restructuring our systems to meet the needs of our current students. No […]

Spotting passions too early may limit students: Experts — The Straits Times (@STcom) July 9, 2018 I hit the premium paywall when I tried to read this article. This is a newspaper learning from how academic journals operate: Create a walled garden within a walled garden. I cannot read and critique the article, […]


The best way to start change is to identify what needs changing in the first place. This seems so obvious as to sound redundant, but you have probably seen how blind change initiatives can be. So if we are to desire change in schools, we must know what is wrong with them. Here are two […]

Unlike Banksy, I do not think that the embedded graphic in his tweet is true. True — banksy (@thereaIbanksy) January 8, 2018 The graphic is labelled “education”. What is depicted is traditional and mindless schooling. There is also the arguably necessary schooling of getting individuals to conform and to work together based on rules. […]

Developing Moral Character and Virtue | One big insight is to distinguish schooling and education. #edsg — Raynard Heah (@teacheah) August 22, 2017 This tweet was a timeless reminder that schooling is not the same as education. You can be educated without school; you can get schooled without being educated. The embedded article focused […]

Education is not synonymous with schooling, no matter what you may have been told or what you perpetuate without question. Schooling is about enculturation. Education is more about self-actualisation. Those are compact and loaded sentences. I unpack them simply this way: Schooling is about preparing you for what society expects you to be; education is […]

Youth Day fell on a Sunday. This made Monday a school holiday, the roads less congested at peak travel, and everywhere else youthfully crowded.   “Idea + Action!” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by  TEDxSingapore    TODAYonline featured Youth Day wishes by our Prime Minister to not be afraid of making mistakes. This is a good message, but one that […]

Is it Opposite Day? That was one of my reactions when I read and reread this tweet. There might be some context lost in a 140-character tweet. I read the tweets around it, but found none. If this is “food” for thought, I am not swallowing uncritically. Should one lead learners by teaching them their […]

A few weeks ago, Agatha Tan wrote an open letter to her school principal to highlight gender stereotypes she felt were needlessly perpetuated by a school vendor. The debate is old and I will not add to it. I am just glad that Agatha’s action opened the floodgate to an issue that would otherwise have been […]

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