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In a Straits Times article, a Year 1 junior college student complained about the downside of e-learning. At the risk of beating an old horse to death, I’ll say this: What the student described is e-doing, not e-learning. This is teach less, learn more gone wrong. It is teach less, do more, learn nothing, give […]

My trainee teachers are experiencing e-learning week. They won’t have to make the long journey to campus, but I am sure that they will be busier than usual. But it could be worse! When NIE had it’s first e-learning week in Feb 2007, it was applied to all academic groups. The effect of often overly […]

Video source The video above is about how mistrust for the SARS-CoV2 vaccine grows. I highlight a late segment with an educator’s point of view. A paediatric group created its own communications department to educate its stakeholders and to counter misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. It did this because lives and reputations were […]

I received a mention in Twitter about a month ago. The tweet linked to something I wrote in December 2011.  That reflection of mine is now almost 10-years-old. On the surface, it is flattering to be mentioned. On reflection, it is worrying that some thoughts almost a decade old still has currency today. It is […]

"Scrabble Letter E" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Leo Reynolds   I had an e-xhausting week conducting e-valuations of future faculty. The work week ended with a lovely “25 years of edtech” review by Martin Weller that focused on e-learning. A paragraph that struck me was: By 1999 elearning was knocking on the door, if not already part of, […]

Does anyone learn anything from school-sanctioned e-learning days? Do the kids learn? Do the teachers? Do the administrators? As an e-learning practitioner and director before, I had enough data, knowledge, and authority to say the answers to those questions was no. I have even described many e-learning events as more e-doing than actual e-learning. Now […]

I was inspired by @mcleod’s “stop pretending” blog entry so I now offer my own five.      by  HamburgerJung    We should stop pretending that: schools prepare kids for the real world; ours prepare them for the next test textbook or worksheet examples are authentic teachers learn anything from professional development; they learn when it […]

  by  London College of Fashion short courses  Ever so often I am asked what “e-learning” means. I tell people three things: You can look it up online It means different things to different people It is easier to tell you what e-learning is NOT E-learning is not e-doing or e-teaching. It is not the creation of […]

Source I could probably look at John Connell’s revised slides on “Good eLearning and Bad eLearning” and pick up something a bit different every day. For example, there were lots of quotable quotes, mostly by famous people, but my favourite was probably the simplest one in slide 63: Young people across the world today are possibly […]

ST Online reported today that schools here might resort to e-learning [PDF] “if H1N1 worsens.” ST also reported that some schools in Hong Kong had already taken that route [PDF] with the outbreak of A(H1N1). The articles are revealing in what they say and what they don’t. In Singapore’s case, “most of the 15 parents interviewed […]


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