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In my search for nuance, I distinguish between cooperation and collaboration. One of my favourite references is John Spencer’s handwritten differentiation. I only recently discovered one more possible distinction that was not previously part of my mental schema. According to this article: …cooperative learning focuses on the effects of group interaction on individual learning whereas […]

The video in this tweet creates an almost irrational joy or hope. It featured people trying to return to the owner a cap that dropped from an upper floor of a high-rise building. Watching people return this dropped hat at the parade today was unreasonably thrilling — Josh Pherigo (@JoshPherigo) November 3, 2017 Spoiler: […]

I’ve featured this video before. Video source But I’ve not mentioned this quote from Twitter about coordination, cooperation and collaboration. It’s brilliant in its context! @hrheingold You need coordination to dance alone, cooperation to dance with a partner and collaboration to dance in a flash mob — Wayne MacPhail (@wmacphail) April 1, 2011

I left a concept dangling in mid-air during the course. I mentioned that my trainees might emerge from the course knowing what the difference was between cooperation and collabortation. I engaged them in two wiki-based writing activities (one which exhibited characteristic of cooperation and the other collaboration). I also embedded this video in the wiki […]

Many years ago, I used to tease student teachers into thinking more deeply about the differences between cooperation and collaboration. I would say: Cooperation is 1+1=2 Collaboration is 1+1=3 They would eventually figure out some elements of what John Spencer distilled recently. But the more direct answer to my riddle is in this tweet. Collaboration. […]

Video source I used to show other videos to generate discussion on the differences between cooperation and collaboration. I think I will start using the one above as it is more apt at drawing out principles of true collaboration.

I was a student of undergraduate biology well over 30 years ago. I still remember some of the things I learnt because they caused such dissonance. One of the things I learnt was that giant pandas were not bears even if they looked like them. I learnt then that classification is messy and depend not […]

Today I link a pop-culture phenomenon and the importance of nuanced expertise. Like many other Netflix subscribers, I enjoyed Squid Game. But I was surprised to learn that it was ten years in the making and almost did not happen. I also appreciated the critique of the show’s english subtitles. Some references just got lost […]

The last year has seen the rise of Zoom for teaching and learning. It has also seen proponents of faceless Zoom. Faceless Zoom is allowing students to not have their cameras on. A teacher might do this is to respect the privacy of his/her students.  Zoom captures what happens in the students’ backgrounds. Since some […]

Video source It was from the video report above that I learnt that some police in the USA blast music from their phones if they do not want public recordings of their actions to go viral.  How does this work? Algorithms of online platforms detect the music and automatically take the videos down for copyright […]


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