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I watched these YouTube videos and picked up some principles of collaboration. 1) It requires a lot of planning, hard work, and persistence in the face of failure. The insights gained from the process are as important as (sometimes more so than) the product. Video source 2) You can “collaborate” with yourself with the help […]

Collaborate with others… Video source Video source Or “collaborate” with yourself! Video source Video source Video source Video source That’s how I’d define 21st century collaboration!

Video source I used to show other videos to generate discussion on the differences between cooperation and collaboration. I think I will start using the one above as it is more apt at drawing out principles of true collaboration.

I’ve featured this video before. Video source But I’ve not mentioned this quote from Twitter about coordination, cooperation and collaboration. It’s brilliant in its context! @hrheingold You need coordination to dance alone, cooperation to dance with a partner and collaboration to dance in a flash mob — Wayne MacPhail (@wmacphail) April 1, 2011

A choir is a good example of collaboration. What you get is more than the sum of its parts. But when people from different parts of the world collaborate in Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir, it takes the process and product up a notch! Whitacre explains why he did it… Video source And this is the […]

I thought that the SOUR music video was a great illustration of collaboration. Then this comes along… Video source What’s interesting is that the music video is not a finished product. Nor will it ever likely be because visitors get to replace video frames with webcam shots of themselves. It’s practically like any Wikipedia article: […]

Video source If you asked me for an example of collaborative collaboration, I’d mention the Sour video or Diane Birch’s “Valentino” music video. Enough said!

I left a concept dangling in mid-air during the course. I mentioned that my trainees might emerge from the course knowing what the difference was between cooperation and collabortation. I engaged them in two wiki-based writing activities (one which exhibited characteristic of cooperation and the other collaboration). I also embedded this video in the wiki […]

Mention Harvard and several things might come to mind: Ivy League, crème de la crème, high fees, and more. But how about Bohemian Rhapsody? Here is Queen performing it. Video source Even The Muppets have their take on this iconic piece. Video source But so does THUD — The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers. Video source The […]

I wrote the title of today’s reflection in the spirit of Jack Neo’s “Money No Enough” movies. There seemed to be a theme of sorts in my RSS feeds and tweet streams of late. It was about media literacy. I highlighted a Crash Course series on media literacy a few weeks ago. The first episode […]

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